How Men Can Find Motivation to Stick with Treatment and Be Successful in Recovery

Finding help when nothing seems to work is difficult. People with addiction may not be ready to find help and, when they do, they don’t always stick to it. Motivation may wane after a while and it becomes a risk for relapse. Men, especially, need to find within themselves motivation to stick with treatment and recovery. It helps men to be more clear and focused on their goals. It takes everything a person has, and then some, to push themselves forward. Find out just what kinds of motivation men can look for and how to explore these ideas to find out what will work.

Motivating the Self

A man with addiction can only change if they motivate the self to change. It helps to feel bolstered by loved ones who agree with the motivation to change, but self-motivation only works if people support that person. This can also work when a job, life, career path, or choices for family motivate a man to see who he wants to be and who he wants to become. There will be a black and white choice between the addiction and something of importance to them. It has to matter enough to stay sober for the long haul.


When self-motivation is flagging, a man can look at their life and think about what is going to persuade them to keep going. To keep up with treatment and move forward. The power of self-persuasion is all about changing the mind. The reason it works it that men need connection. They don’t need to be preached at, but they need to be persuaded their life matters. The natural need for connection is one of a few things that men can feel a pull towards and feel persuaded that they can get better for a loved one’s sake, a child’s future, or to finally pursue their dreams. Fellowship and community are important for this reason because they motivate men to keep going, even if they are not sure they can.

External Motivation

Not everything is going to be internally motivated. It might be an external motivation. This is where circumstances create similar choices to hit rock bottom, be it a boss or employee counselor that makes it clear there is a choice between getting help and letting go. Maybe the family is also there, but the extrinsic motivation for men is key because it comes from others telling them they have what it takes. They see others doing it, like sober companions, further down the journey. Those who have been down the road understand what it takes and may motivate a man to keep on keeping on, even when the going gets tough.Motivation is hard to find sometimes in recovery. It may seem all resources are exhausted and a man is standing there wondering what to do. Keep going with treatment or back out are the only two pathways standing in the way of recovery. Without finding motivation from within and outside himself, a man may falter down the path and relapse. It is good to have support teams in place, a solid treatment team, and others who motivate the man to keep moving forward and remind him it is a lifetime journey that everyone takes in recovery taken one step at a time.

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