How Meth Addiction Starts (and Finding Help)

Meth addiction is of increasing concern for people in urban areas but addiction to meth has been a problem for a lot longer than people realize. Shortly after meth was used for medical reasons, addiction was noticed in patients. Someone hundred years later, people are fighting the battle against meth addiction as an illegal substance that is taking over their lives. Find out how meth addiction starts and how to seek help or find support for a loved one.

Party Drug

Other reasons people develop meth addiction aside from its stimulant properties is that it increases sexual drive and pleasure. Meth users may find that they engage in sexual behavior that is risky and gets into extended periods where they are engaging in this behavior. They often put themselves at risk of transmitting infections and serious diseases like HIV. Using meth means people stop using their brains to think logically and the addiction takes over their thinking. The obsession with engagement in behavior makes them do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. Partying is one way they engage in risky behaviors.

Why it Happens

When people become addicted to meth, there are several reasons. The chemical changes in the body and brain from using meth are unparalleled from any other drug. Taking a drug to lose weight or work the night-shift is one thing, but taking it to party, have fun, and recreationally enjoy yourself, then finding addiction happens is another thing entirely. No matter how someone got to addiction, there is the risk of health and safety for people using the drug. There are short and long-term consequences to use. People use the drug for energy and fun, but they also may be masking signs of mental health crises that they are struggling to cope with. Unpleasant symptoms combined with chemical cravings lead people to use more meth. It can be difficult for people to stop using the drug and give it up because their body and brain crave it so much. It is highly addictive (and toxic). Friends may be using it, even family, making it hard to quit because of losing social connectivity.

Finding Help

Finding help for addiction of any kind seems easy, but it is more about finding the right help for a person’s situation that matters most. When people struggle with addiction, they have many other issues quite often, including physical and mental health to consider. A place that provides dual diagnosis treatment is often the best route, including help for addiction to meth and recovery support with aftercare programs. The goal is to provide therapeutic support alongside detox and healing opportunities for a long-lasting recovery.

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