How to Accept Your Partner’s Flaws

Chemicals of love can transform one’s partner into a person who can do no wrong. Except that they can (and they will). Once the new love scent wears off, people start to see their loved one’s flaws and how they handle things in this life. Behaviors, habits, and personality quirks appear and disappoint the others. As the relationship progresses, the pair remains in love but respectful of the differences each brings. Learn more about how to accept a partner’s flaws and love them for who they are.

Accepting Differences

Even when you try your hardest, you will not be able to change your partner. Someone can desire and accept flaws, yet truly struggle to move this sense of acceptance from the head to the heart. The things we love about a partner and dislike are very separate things. They can also link up together as two sides of one energy source: shadow and light sides. Maybe you love the ruggedness of a loved one but dislike the lack of empathy and expressiveness. This energy is the same that inhibits tenderness.

Mental Health

Everyone is on a different page when it comes to their mental health. It is hard to focus on a person’s overall health when mental health is lagging. Perhaps they are resistant to change or not willing to seek help. These struggles can have a deep, lasting impact on a person. Perhaps a partner is more inclined toward depression and melancholy as part of their personality. This serious streak may bother a partner after a while. If a partner loves you for who you are, they encourage you to see the good and do not try to keep you from becoming better and stronger.

Staying Positive

Even if you don’t accept a person’s flaws at 100%, they are not tied to anything positive or negative. It is generally unreasonable to expect anyone to change their personality for someone else and almost impossible. Once you realize the parts of a person you dislike come along with parts you adore and you could not cut the energy out for the latter, it is easier to accept and celebrate the person’s romantic partner for who they are. When you find one, hold on and don’t let go. It is hard to find someone you get along with. However, there are flaws one should never accept:

  • Abuse
  • Control
  • Neglect
  • Made to feel shame or fear
  • Addiction

If these things are present, it can tear at the fabric of a relationship. If a person is in recovery from addiction and working on other issues, then it is fair to say you can accept them as they are as they grow in their journey of healing. If they refuse help, it may be time to seek professional support and advice about how to continue with the relationship.

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