How to Say ‘Thank You’ and Mean It

Maybe you receive a gift or got something from someone for a special occasion. One of the ways to let them know you are grateful is to say ‘thank you.’ You might think writing a letter is old fashioned or that a verbal ‘thank you’ is enough. You would be wrong. It is not old fashioned, in fact, it is back in fashion to be old fashioned. No matter how grandiose or insignificant, someone took the time to buy you something. That person thought of you. It is only right to say ‘thank you’ and mean it.

Thank Yous

When you’re talking about casual thank yous, you can go the extra mile for that person. It might be picking up the tab at dinner or just going out of your way to get something for a friend. Since it is dinner with your friend, a follow-up message is a nice gesture if they are the ones picking up the tab on your behalf. A little extra measure of love is never a bad thing. When it comes to special events, like weddings, it helps to let them know you really appreciated their generosity. If you get special gifts, send a thank you right away. It means a lot to the gift giver you thought enough to send a quick note.

Future Gifts

Other than showing appreciation for a gift, a thank you card is acknowledgement you received a gift. Maybe you don’t want to be asked if you got the gift, so don’t make it awkward. If a person on the other end does not extend thanks for a gift, you might think your friends lack common courtesy. Don’t do the same to them by not thanking them when gifts come. Do the right thing now so, in the future, when other opportunities arise you kept the friendship strong with a solid ‘thank you.’

What to Say

A thank you letter written out by hand means more than one that is not. It is so meaningful because it is a rarity these days. You can start with saying ‘thank you,’ followed by what you are thankful for. A quick little note following to express even more gratitude can be nice but not necessary. Personalize the thank you note and it will be a great gift back to your friend. Always send a thank you, no matter the occasion. If you get stuck for what to say, it is always good to think about how you would want others to treat you. Thanking others has a rebound effect that they will give thanks to you next time you get them something or do something and, from there, you can build and grow your relationship.

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