How to Take Grooming More Seriously as a Self Care Method

Grooming advice may not be high on your list of things to think about in recovery, but it is a good self care practice. People in general feel better when they look their best, especially men. For men there is something about presenting well outwardly that builds confidence and makes them feel better when engaging with others. There are some fun tips to keeping up with this practice.


It may feel time consuming to do grooming techniques and fuss around with products. The thing is, men can create a simple routine that is healthy, yet fun, when the days feels stressful. Men tend to change their perspective on life when they do more self-care. Be playful, have fun, and just breathe. Life is meant to be enjoyed so don’t think of this as more work. Think of it as a way to build more enjoyment into your days.


No matter where you live, sunscreen is essential. Taking care of skin is not just about looks, it can impact your health over time. Don’t skip the SPF when putting it on. Look for small sunscreen to take with you or find moisturizer for your face that includes SPF sunscreen for daily use.


A lot of people forget this as an essential element of dental care. You should not rely on friends or coworkers to tell you that you have food in your teeth. You should not wait for your dentist to find cavities and other dental issues because you did not floss. Keep it with your toothbrush and mouthwash as part of a daily routine before you head off to bed.

Hand Lotion

Hand lotion is not just for women. Men who keep their hands moisturized will have less cracking, peeling, and dryness than those who don’t use it. Just a simple little bit of it into your palm everyday can keep hands feeling fresh and ready for the day. Especially since men do a lot more handshaking than women, it is important to keep those hands nice and smooth, which also builds confidence when going into important business meetings.

Eye See You

Eye cream is another thing men don’t think about. Creams help slow the signs of aging or cool the sleepy look under your eyes after a night of tossing and turning. Let’s face it, recovery is exhausting. The last thing you are going to think about is eye cream, but it can be helpful for your overall appearance. The important thing to do is have fun with it and not take it too seriously.

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