If You Want to Live Longer, Try These Healthy Habits on for Size

Everyone is on a kick to live longer, healthier lives. The challenge with living healthy into old age is that, well, as people age their bodies deteriorate. Their minds also go a bit as well, depending on how they lived their lives and perhaps some luck and chance. Good genes may also play a role in how your body and mind function as you age. Healthy habits are always in style, no matter what age you are. If you want to live longer, try these tips to put healthy perspective on the map.Go NutsOne of the best foods you can put in your body when you want to be healthier is nuts. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, folate, and fiber. Some other benefits include lowering inflammation, risk of diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. People who eat more nuts in their diet are more likely to increase their overall health. TurmericTurmeric on its own is just a spice. However, it has a powerhouse compound called curcumin. This anti-inflammatory spice can help the lungs, heart, and mind when added to certain foods. Indian food uses a lot of turmeric, which has been linked to an increased life span in animal studies of mice, as well as humans.Get ExercisePeople who stay healthy longer typically are more active. The more sedentary lifestyle a person has, the higher the risk for disease to set in. With just 15 minutes of exercise per day, you may achieve some health benefits that can add months and years to your life. Exercise is a vital key to your health plan. To get started, try going for a walk in nature, grab a game with a friend at the basketball court, or head on over to spend time cultivating your skills at the gym by lifting weights. However you choose to move, just do it a little bit everyday for long-lasting benefits.Build FriendshipsIt is easy enough to say you should build friendships. One of the challenges is to maintain them, as well. Maintaining healthy relationships takes energy and time, but if they are beneficial to you, they are good for you in the long run. Positive changes in heart, mind, and immunity can decrease your risk of chronic diseases, as well. A strong social circle might help you react less negatively to stress, maybe explaining the positive impact on lifespan.Longevity may seem like a strange goal for some because, when you are young, it feels like you can live forever. However, nobody is ever guaranteed a set amount of time on this earth. Healthy habits can boost your lifespan, but negative ones can take away from it. Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other issues can harm your mental and physical health over time. The key is to find ways of seeking support, self-care, and support from loved ones to help brace the impact of the challenges in life so that you may also embrace the joys and find comfort in those positive relationships and spaces that can take you into old age gracefully.

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