Learn How to Let Go of FOMO and Embrace Life in Recovery

No matter where you come from or the struggles you had with addiction, most people have challenges with ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) at some point in recovery. There is the kind of underlying anxiety or worry that creeps in and tells you that you are missing out on all the fun you used to have. This might happen early on in recovery or pop into your mind throughout the journey, but it does get better over time. Here are some tips to learn how to let go of this mindset and embrace where you are in recovery.

Taste for Recovery

When people think of recovery, they don’t realize all that goes into it or all the things that have to fall by the wayside in order to stay in recovery. As a person with addiction, you likely developed a craving for the drug or alcohol. Even if you did not like drinking the way you were or using drugs, your body and mind still felt triggered to use by the nature of addiction. Even if the feelings you got from it were great, you needed to quit so you can recover and find a healthier way of coping and living. What you need is to discover what it feels like to be in recovery and learn to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Social Gatherings

One of the hardest things about recovery from alcoholism or using drugs is a social gathering. Depending on who your friends are now, you may find the gatherings feel less than exciting or you miss doing fun things like going out to clubs, bars, and entertainment venues but they are too triggering now in sobriety. You are confined to socializing at sober parties and not going into places that trigger you by the sights, sounds, and smells of spaces that make you want to return to the old ways. The drinking culture can especially feel exclusionary. The lack of connection may lead to bouts of isolation and loneliness. It is, unfortunately, part of the addiction. Finding new people and new ways in which to share community is crucial for success at navigating FOMO in recovery.


One way people embrace recovery and let go of FOMO thoughts and feelings is to look at their budget. You are more likely to save money and time now that you are not chasing an addiction. The amount of money you spent may not be quantified, but you can see it when you look at your paycheck how much you are able to put away and save for a rainy day or put towards a trip with friends. It helps to start saving and planning for future goals to move past the FOMO that lingers in your brain. Even if you feel like life is not always a bowl of cherries in recovery, that is okay. Not everyone likes cherries, anyways. Using drugs and alcohol will not lead to a better life, necessarily. Maintaining sobriety means you don’t fear missing out on the life you have now and you are able to focus on the truth of your own recovery and take it one step at a time.

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