Make Your Life a Work of Art By Learning to Live Better

Everyone is sort of an amateur in the sense that life is constantly new and nobody really knows how things are going to go each day. Everyone gets to choose who they will be in any given moment and the sense of wonder and awe can be like creating a work of fine art. The art of learning to live better is all about choosing a sense of wonder each day.

Life as Art

A work of art is something to be admired and look after. It is special and unique, requiring a certain skill and inspiration. It exists inside of creation and appreciation. If a person were to apply this to their lives, they might start to notice some things. Mainly, when people think of their dream lives, they imagine a set of perfect circumstances and things they want to have and how they will feel about it. Real life guarantees a mix of things including luck and events that may or may not go according to plan.

Dream Life

Instead of a dream life that is not attainable in the sense it is so far out there, why not live a work of life as art now. The purpose being a person cannot live a life that is fulfilling if they are focused on what is ahead so much they forget about today. Creating today with purpose helps build dreams in the future, but the focus cannot sit there too long.

Stepping Out

How to live life as a work of art requires both challenge and opportunity to be present. If a person can make life a work of art, this changes the qualities about life in general. It changes what kind of person they have to be to live a life that is a work of art. Also, it is about stepping out of the comfort zone of feeling like they have it all figured out to try and focus on what they can create today out of what is in front of them. Recovery is about using the tools that are in front of them to create a life that is worth living in sobriety. Not being able to focus on their present means everything seems to be focused in the past or future, which cannot be determined or changed. A person who is willing to change the way they are living today can have more luck living like their life is a work of art and feel that the masterpiece is worth putting effort into creating.

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