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Alcohol addiction is a complex disease. Every man entering The Last Resort Recovery center is coming in with a unique set of experiences, issues, and views. The therapeutic intervention that helps one man to break free and thrive could be counterproductive to another. At The Last Resort we understand this. That’s why we create an individualized treatment plan to meet the specific needs of each man in treatment.

Upon admission to The Last Resort, all men struggling with alcoholism spend the first part of their treatment in our alcohol detox program. This is a setting on campus that allows for closer medical supervision and monitoring of detox symptoms. Clients receive both clinical and 12 step programming, but also eat meals and spend recreation periods with men who have been at TLR for longer periods. New clients spend about 5-7 days in our medical alcohol detox program depending on the severity of their detox symptoms. During this time, he will gradually transition into regular programming with the rest of the community.

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Why Medical Alcohol Detox is Important

Abuse of alcohol wreaks havoc on the body, from interfering with the chemicals your brain produces, to weakening your heart and blood flow, to increasing your risk of multiple diseases. Using these alcohol continuously over time causes your body to grow accustomed to functioning with them in your system, and will eventually leave you unable to get through the day while sober. The symptoms you experience as a result are called withdrawal.

Withdrawal is almost always uncomfortable, and in many cases the symptoms are dangerous. But if you want to get clean and sober, you’ll have to get through withdrawal symptoms before you can start the long-term recovery process. Getting through withdrawal is known as detoxification or detox, and it’s nearly everyone’s first step in rehabilitation.

It’s not a good idea to try to detox on your own — not only will you be putting your health at risk as you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, but the likelihood of relapse is very high. If you are committed to getting your recovery started on the right foot, a medically supervised men’s alcohol detox program in Texas is the best way to ensure your safety and success.

What is it Like for Men Detoxing From Alcohol?

The purpose of a detox is to provide a transitory period and give men the space they need to adapt to the treatment environment and stabilize physically prior to fully engaging the responsibilities and expectations of the recovery community. At The Last Resort we believe that the body needs to begin its process of healing before any real spiritual and recovery work can take place. Since community remains an equally essential component of our treatment philosophy, this time is also an opportunity for our newer members to meet men who have been in the program longer and who become valuable mentors and sources of support.

Depending on the level of alcohol abuse, men can suffer from a variety of withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common are flu-like symptoms that include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sensitivity to light or touch
  • Muscle and body aches

You may also experience psychological symptoms that make the physical symptoms worse. These can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Mood swings

Depending on how long you have been actively addicted and your overall health in general, your symptoms will range in severity. Intense alcohol withdrawal can include a condition known as delirium tremens, in which individuals can experience hallucinations, coma, and, in extreme cases, death. It can be impossible for you to predict how serious your withdrawal symptoms will be until you are in the midst of them, which is a dangerous situation. For this reason, it’s critical for you to seek a quality men’s detox program when you decide to stop using drugs or alcohol. In medical detox, medical professionals will provide a thorough health examination and create a specialized care plan to keep you safe and cared for as you get through this critical first step.

The Last Resort Recovery offers one of the best men’s detox program in the nation. We are fully equipped to assist in your detox, no matter what substances you are dealing with. We want to hear from you — don’t try to go it alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you take drugs or alcohol, the chemicals they contain are added to your bloodstream, where they make their way to your brain and set off a variety of mental and physical responses. With continued use, your body grows used to the types of responses that are artificially produced by these substances. Natural reactions and body functions stop feeling normal because your body believes that it needs drugs or alcohol for everyday functioning.

During the detox process, all the toxic chemicals in drugs and alcohol are filtered out of the body. If you quit “cold turkey” on your own, the body’s equilibrium shifts and results in more intense withdrawal symptoms. But with a medical detox, nurses and doctors can relieve many of the uncomfortable symptoms that this causes.

Medical detox may include medications that relieve nausea or vomiting to avoid dehydration and malnutrition, or therapeutic intervention to stabilize mental health. Some forms of medical detox, known as medication-assisted treatment or MAT, use specialized medications that mimic the effects of drugs or alcohol to help wean your body slowly off of more dangerous substances. At The Last Resort Recovery, we offer all of this and more under the care of expert medical professionals. We will help you get through withdrawal so you can restore your strength and start the rest of your recovery with a clean slate and a clean bill of health.

The majority of men who are seeking treatment for addiction will need to begin their recovery with a detox program. Detox is appropriate for anyone who is currently using drugs or alcohol on a regular basis and who experiences withdrawal symptoms during periods of sobriety. Detox may also be necessary for men who have recently relapsed, depending on the severity of the situation and the types of substances involved.

At The Last Resort in Texas our medical detox program is available for men over the age of 18 who are living with an active addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our highly experienced and credentialed team includes nurses and physicians who are trained in detox care and are prepared to handle any concerns that may arise.

The men in our detox program spend between five and seven days under medical supervision, depending on the severity of the addiction, the type of addiction and how quickly the body responds to treatment. During this time, our nursing staff provides 24/7 care and is always available in case of emergencies. Our staff carefully monitors each patient’s progress and ensures that any medications are properly managed.

Once detox is complete, the men in our detox program can transition seamlessly into our full-time, 45- to a 90-day rehabilitation program. Detox care is provided on-site which eliminates any lag between these two stages of recovery. It also ensures that your treatment is consistent as you move through the different parts of your recovery process, which will improve your long-term outcomes and give you a stronger foundation for a lifetime of sobriety.

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The majority of men who are seeking treatment for addiction for alcoholism will need to begin their recovery with a detox program. Detox is appropriate for anyone who is currently using alcohol on a regular basis and who experiences withdrawal symptoms during periods of sobriety. Detox may also be necessary for men who have recently relapsed, depending on the severity of the situation and the types of substances involved. To learn more about our alcohol detox programs in Texas contact The Last Resort Recovery.
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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact The Last Resort to verify your insurance. Our admission counselors will schedule an interview to get to know you better and determine the proper treatment and level of care for you.

Personalized Plan

Once you’ve been admitted to our men’s rehab facility in Texas, you’ll receive a customized plan that combines evidence-based treatments, such as supervised medical detox and individual/group therapy sessions, that will help you overcome your addiction.

Continued Care

After you’ve completed your stay at our center, we encourage you to participate in continuing care, such as transitional living facilities, sober houses, or support groups, that can help you sustain sobriety and prevent relapse after treatment.