Men's Marijuana Rehab in Texas

Marijuana Addiction Treatment for Men

Marijuana, also referred to as weed, pot, grass, bud, and a slew of other slang terms, is the dried flowers of a plant known as Cannabis. Marijuana can be smoked out of cigarettes called joints, cigars called blunts, as well as hand pipes and water pipes also known as bongs. Additionally, marijuana can also be cooked into things like brownies, candies, or cookies, and is commonly referred to as an edible. Active chemicals in marijuana can be extracted to create a much stronger form of marijuana known as hash oil, which is commonly referred to as dabs, budder or wax. When marijuana is smoked, eaten, or vaporized, THC is released, and this chemical is what provides the to the users.

People can become dependent on marijuana, and rely on it to get through stressful situations, or just to pass the time. If you or a loved one are facing difficulties overcoming marijuana addiction, The Last Resort is here for you. We’ve helped countless men overcome marijuana addiction through our evidence-based treatment at our rehabilitation facility near Austin, TX.

Effects of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana affects the cannabinoid receptors in the brain that influences pleasure, as well as sensory and time perception. Those receptors also affect thinking, concentration, and memory, which is part of the concern of widespread marijuana use. Some studies now suggest damage to the brain that occurs with marijuana use could be long-lasting or even permanent, especially when use begins at a relatively young age. Since individuals under the age of 25 don’t have fully developed brains, drugs like marijuana can affect them particularly strongly. The long-term effects of marijuana can become even more problematic. Those effects might include lung damage and diseases similar to what occurs with cigarette smoking. Marijuana can also suppress the immune system, leading to a higher risk of illness. The drug can also impair sexual function and lead to intense mood and personality changes.

Other effects of marijuana include:

Those that become over reliant on marijuana may experience any of the above effects when under the influence of the drug. At The Last Resort Recovery, we can help those that have become dependent on marijuana overcome their addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our addiction treatment programs near Austin, TX. 

Signs of Marijuana Addiction

As mentioned, it is a common misperception that you can’t develop a marijuana addiction. While this drug may not be as addictive as other drugs, some people can get hooked on it. It’s also important to note that most people don’t develop a physical addiction to this drug, but a psychological one. Men who regularly use marijuana may begin to feel like the only way they can feel normal is to use the drug. The risk is even higher in those that start using the drug at a younger age. Marijuana is also a potential gateway to other drugs, which means people that start using marijuana may eventually turn to other substances that have a higher addiction risk, and may find themselves getting hooked on more dangerous drugs. There are a few ways you might recognize that a loved one has a marijuana addiction.

If you or a loved one are exhibiting any of the signs of marijuana addiction, it’s important to seek help before things get worse. It’s not uncommon for those attempting to get off of marijuana to feel depressed and uncomfortable. At The Last Resort Recovery, our supervised medical detox programs can assist men who are attempting to achieve sobriety. If you or a loved one is ready to take the next step on the road to sobriety, reach out to our admissions team today.

Treatment For Marijuana Addiction in Texas

There are a number of ways that The Last Resort can help men overcome their dependency on marijuana. Our 55-acre rehab facility near Austin offers comprehensive treatment programs specially designed to help men that are struggling with marijuana reliance. Our men’s rehabilitation program near Austin offers the following evidence based treatments: 

Our Process, Your Recovery

Verify Your Insurance

If you or a loved one is experiencing issues with marijuana addiction, reach out to The Last Resort Recovery. Our admissions team will get to know you, as well as your history with addiction and develop a custom treatment plan for you.

Personalized Plan

Once you’ve been admitted to our Austin men’s rehab facility, you’ll begin your personalized treatment plan that consists of evidence based treatment to overcome your addiction to marijuana. Our treatment plans are developed with your hobbies and interests in mind.

Continued Care

After you’ve completed your treatment program, we encourage you to participate in our aftercare programs. Our aftercare programs include transitional living facilities, support groups, and more to help you maintain sobriety and prevent relapse. We’re ready to help you keep your life on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways that marijuana can be consumed. The dried flowers can be rolled up into  a cigarette, also known as a joint, or a tobacco based wrap known as a blunt. It can be smoked from a pipe, or mixed into food and eaten where it’s known as edibles. It can also be extracted, and put into concentrate form. This concentrated form of marijuana is known as hash oil, dabs, wax, and budder among a few popular street names. 

While marijuana is not physically addictive like other drugs, it’s easy for someone to become psychologically addicted to marijuana. According to the CDC, 1 in 10 users will become addicted to marijuana. If the user started before the age of 18, then that number rises to 1 in 6. 

While marijuana is legal in some states, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Marijuana has a number of negative health consequences, Including memory loss, as well as difficulty with retaining information and paying attention. Additionally, smoking anything, including marijuana, can damage your lungs and the cardiovascular system. 

Get Help For Your Marijuana Addiction

It’s easy for men to become reliant on marijuana, and for some, it can be difficult to break the habit without professional help. At The Last Resort Recovery, we work with men from Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and the rest of the state of Texas to help them overcome addiction. Stop your marijuana addiction and reliance before it gets worse. Reach out to The Last Resort today to speak to our admissions team and get started on the road to recovery.