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Men-Only Treatment

Men and women experience addiction differently. Their treatment should be different, too. The Last Resort Recovery is a program designed especially for men. Our treatment protocols address the societal pressures, emotional needs, and gender-specific experiences of our male clients.

Addiction Treatment for Men

Men face incredible challenges every day. No matter what happens, they are expected to be strong, to be providers, to be leaders. They aren’t expected to open up, feel their feelings, and ask for help. They are told to “man up” and move on.

Pushing down these emotions, ignoring the effects of trauma, and encountering major obstacles can overwhelm even the strongest man. This is when substance use disorder takes hold. At The Last Resort Recovery, we see this pattern every day. That’s why we offer accredited, qualified addiction treatment tailored to the needs of men and men alone.

Why Do You Only Treat Men?

The Last Resort was created as a refuge from the pressures described above. Our founders understood the tremendous difficulties faced by men – the weight of leadership, the lack of social support, the disconnection from emotion – and wanted to make a difference. Our treatment center focuses solely on the needs of male patients. By tailoring our programs to this demographic, we are able to offer specialized, insightful treatment to those who need it most.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

The first thing to know is that men and women experience addiction differently. For example, researchers have found that men are twice as likely to binge drink (CDC). They’re also more likely to use nearly every type of illicit drug, require emergency room visits, and perish due to a drug overdose (NIDA). The unique factors driving men to drinking and drug dependence must be addressed. We’ve found that this is best accomplished in a single-gender setting. Specialized care gets to the heart of the issue without spending time on topics relating to the other gender.

We’ve also found that gender-specific programs offer fewer distractions. Seeking recovery is a vulnerable and delicate process. Spending time around the opposite sex at this juncture can result in attraction, distraction, and reluctance to contribute. A single-gender setting encourages participation, connection, and courage in opening up to others.

That peer support is especially valuable in men’s treatment programs. Many men come to The Last Resort without positive male role models in their lives. They may instead be surrounded by bad influences who drink and use drugs. At our center, each client finds fellowship with men who have gone through exactly what they are going through. Men who aren’t just strong or tough, but who are in touch with their emotions, kind, encouraging, and driven. Spending time in this setting offers the motivation and inspiration needed for lifelong recovery.

Long-Term Treatment Options for Men

The Last Resort offers an array of treatment programs that can be customized to your loved one’s needs. One of our most popular offerings is long-term care. Because men often use drugs and alcohol to bury their emotions, getting to the root of their issues can take months – not just 30 days.

Our master’s-level clinicians are experts in helping men explore their memories, identify feelings, confront past trauma, and understand where substance use fits into the bigger picture. With each individual and group session, our clients learn healthier ways of coping. Our immersive program blends clinical excellence, holistic healing, and hands-on activities to promote lasting recovery.

Men’s Addiction Treatment in Austin, Texas

At The Last Resort, we believe men deserve more. We offer care that addresses all aspects of addiction: mental illness, trauma, spirituality, family dynamics, and more. At our Austin treatment center, men build bonds, overcome mental blocks, and get their lives back on track.

Interested in learning more about our specialized men’s program? Contact The Last Resort’s admissions team.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average age of our clients is 35 with an age rage of 18-75

Yes, we have a scheduled family weekend when they can visit.

No, most of our men don't have solid bonds with other men, but they do by the time the leave our ranch. This happens through treatment and sobriety.

We know what it takes for men to heal from substance use disorder. Contact us to start your recovery journey.