When a man begins a substance addiction treatment program, his family and loved ones become key support networks. Family plays a critical role in helping a person achieve sobriety, and also maintain it. However, the strain of supporting a person in recovery can weigh heavily on a family, especially if they don’t know what they’re getting into. That’s why a family support contract is so vital: it ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Families and Addiction

Addiction recovery can be a scary challenge for families to tackle. While men’s rehab and residential treatment programs provide comprehensive care, there’s still much to be done outside of the treatment center. If a family doesn’t understand that they need to set boundaries, the burden can become overwhelming.

A man suffering from addiction may also over-rely on family members if he doesn’t know the limits of their support. Instead of becoming self-sufficient, he may continue to rely on the family for housing, money, or food. Establishing these boundaries and limits helps both parties during the recovery journey.

Family Support Contract

Father and son agreeing on a family support contract at The Last Resort Recovery Here at The Last Resort, we know that supporting the family is just as important as supporting the individual struggling with addiction. That is why every family that comes to The Last Resort receives a customized Family Support Contract.

This contract is developed over a period of 30-days just prior to a clients discharge and is a collaborative effort between the client, their family, and our discharge coordinator. This contract serves several purposes:

  • Lays out exactly what support the family is willing to give and the expectations that are attached to that support.
  • Creates a plan for addressing every challenge that the client will foreseeably face during their first six months out of treatment.
  • Outlines a financial agreement in which the client will, over a six month period, take complete financial responsibility for themselves.
  • Creates an agreed upon plan of action in the case of a relapse.

This contract is a necessary part of the recovery journey. It promotes honesty, transparency, and responsibility for everyone involved. It also prevents the family from participating in enabling unhealthy habits in their loved one. Although a family may want to support their loved one in every way they can, it’s ultimately better for the person suffering from addiction to learn how to support themselves. Moreover, their family may not always be able to provide avid support, so the sooner a man in recovery becomes self-reliant, the better.

Treatment at The Last Resort Recovery Center

While a Family Support Contract is a significant piece of a man’s lasting recovery, it’s one of the final steps of our program. To reach this milestone, men must undergo a series of other treatment methods and therapies. These modalities include:

With their eventual discharge in mind the whole way, our clients are continuously challenged. Through these challenges, they learn to pay attention to their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. These self-care skills are vital to pulling themselves out of addiction. They then begin to understand their flaws and how to mend their broken relationships. This is the true meaning of recovery.

The Last Resort Recovery Center’s facilities sit on 51 beautiful acres of ranch land. Its rolling hills create the perfect, distraction-free environment for fostering healing and renewal.

Our comprehensive and customized treatment plans can help your loved one heal. To learn more about how The Last Resort can create a customized Family Support Contract for you and your family, please call us at (512)750-6750.