Overcoming your addiction to alcohol or drugs is much more than overcoming the symptoms of withdrawal through detox. If you’re looking to live a new life free from substance addiction, it involves various forms of therapy. Those who believe that detox is the only thing they have to do to recover are prone to relapse. Through addiction therapy services, you can learn what fuels your addiction and how to live a life with new coping skills.

Addiction Therapy Services for Men

mens addiction therapy servicesFor men struggling with the disease of addiction, it’s extremely important to go to an all-male facility when you’re trying to recover. There is a wide range of reasons why you should do this.

Through mens addiction therapy, you’ll learn that it’s okay to open up and discuss what’s happening in your life. For many, this can be difficult due to how some people in society believe men should toughen up and not have certain feelings.

Addiction therapy services for men will help you get down to the root of your addiction and see the truth. You may find that many of your ideas on how to be a man are part of what feeds your addiction. One of the primary reasons people turn to substances is because they don’t know how to cope with life in a better way. With mens addiction therapy, you’ll see that there are new ways to deal with life that don’t involve alcohol or drugs.

Individual Mens Addiction Therapy Services

Whether it was due to where or how you grew up, it can be difficult to open up to people. Through individual addiction therapy, you’ll work with a licensed therapist who gives you the chance to discuss your issues.

It’s essential to go through addiction therapy and work with a therapist to discover why you turn to substances to deal with life. Some of the most common reasons people turn to substances include:

  • Mental illness
  • Childhood trauma
  • Dealing with family and friends
  • Work
  • Intimate relationships

You may be someone who has been struggling for years and not looking at your past, which is why you turn to substances. Individual therapy gives you a safe space in which you can discuss your past and present issues and get support. Your therapist comes from a non-judgmental place with the pure intention of helping you live a better life. Working with a therapist will help you gain coping skills that you can use to live life on life’s terms.

Group Addiction Therapy Services

One of the best parts of mens addiction therapy is the group aspect of treatment, which will help you learn that you’re not alone. While in treatment, you’ll be with other men who are dealing with the same issues as you. You’ll see that it’s alright to get vulnerable and discuss what’s really going on, and you’ll get the support that you need.

Some of the bonds and friendships that you gain in treatment will last you for a lifetime. A major part of recovery is building connections with others who truly understand what you’re going through.

The Last Resort Recovery offers addiction therapy services to men who are looking for a better way of living. Through our addiction therapy methods, you’ll not only learn how to stay clean, but you’ll be able to repair your relationships. Some of the additional services we offer to help you in your recovery include the following:

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