Nutrition Counseling in Recovery

Did you know that a healthy diet can be one of the key things to help your quit taking drugs and make progress toward recovery? It’s true. Nutrition Counseling is a very important part of holistic rehab—rehab that offers complete and integrated care.

How Does Eating Healthy Help Me During Rehab?

Nutrition Counseling at The Last Resort RecoveryBut how does good nutrition impact my rehab? Well, food is something that’s very important for your health—which gets even more important as you enter rehab. Your diet can have huge implications for your body’s ability to handle withdrawal from drugs, to detox from the drugs in your system, or even to perform basic functions like sleeping all the way through the night. A precise diet, such as one built on 45% carbs, 30% fat, and 25% protein, can stabilize your blood sugar and help you get past your cravings. And staying away from artificial foods is good for your liver, which can already be strained with addiction.

Alcohol’s Effects
To understand the importance of diet in a successful addiction treatment program, consider alcohol’s complex relationship with nutrition. Alcohol changes the way the brain regulates appetite by encouraging the body to drink more alcohol and eat less food. Alcohol also provides a large number of calories for the body without supporting those calories with the proper nutritional intake. Finally, alcohol consumption leads to a drop in blood glucose levels, which results in loss of energy and even depression. This is why many in addiction treatment crave sugar in the early days of recovery to replace what the body perceives as its needs.

Nutrition Counseling and Recovery
During treatment, your diet can have a significant impact on your body’s ability to handle withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Proper nutrition also helps you perform basic functions throughout the day and get sufficient sleep at night. A properly balanced diet, which we believe to include 45 percent carbs, 30 percent fat and 25 percent protein, will stabilize your blood sugar to prevent those emotional falls and substance cravings. Avoidance of artificial foods is also good for your liver, which has likely taken a beating from your substance abuse.

One Piece in the Puzzle
A healthy diet is important to a successful treatment and recovery program, but it is just one piece of a more complex puzzle. Holistic recovery encompasses many different components, from diet to exercise and positive mental health. At The Last Resort, we understand the importance of an integrated, comprehensive treatment program that will get clients through the early days of treatment and beyond. To learn more about why the treatment programs at The Last Resort are considered some of the most effective in Texas, contact us today at 877-892-7997.