Your Recovery Support Systems

Your Recovery Support System Planning

At The Last Resort, discharge planning begins on admission. We know recovery support will be needed when a man returns to the community. Without proper planning and recovery support systems upon recovery, many men find themselves relapsing quickly. Being able to have someone to talk to or a mantra to reference when things get tough can make staying sober feel more attainable.

Maybe more importantly, though, when men leave our care they’re able to see the need for aftercare planning on their own. Many don’t know the importance of a strong recovery support system when they begin treatment. One of our goals is to help them see this for themselves so they can have a successful, lifelong recovery.

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We work hard to help our men accept ongoing help in recovery.


Upon program completion, it’s best for some men to return to their homes and families. In these cases, we provide direct referrals to aftercare support groups and specialty counselors both within Texas as well as from around the country. When a man finds himself in need of a more structured setting, our staff helps him and his family explore affordable options at sober homes and other transitional living facilities.

Sometimes it benefits a man to move away from his present geographic location when it poses a serious threat of relapse. In these cases, we encourage him to choose recovery outside his old community. Many of the men coming to us from all around the country choose Austin as their new recovery residence while some who have lived here all their lives may choose to go elsewhere to continue their recovery journey. The Last Resort maintains referral arrangements with several Austin area recovery homes, extended-care facilities across Texas. We provide transportation for our residents to do on-site inspections and in-house interviews. Likewise, we maintain a list of out of area facilities throughout the United States.

Aftercare and 12-Step Programs

Just because you’re finished with formal addiction treatment programs doesn’t mean your finished altogether. Seeking aftercare once you’re done with the program at The Last Resort Recovery Center will give you a better chance at staying sober for a lifetime. One of the best ways to leverage aftercare support is to continue attending 12-step meetings. While in our program, our men regularly attend these meetings, both to get a feel for them and to hear from other men who have been through similar situations.

Most importantly, this also helps men build larger recovery support systems once rehab is over. Our alumni association can help set men up with 12-step programs in their area after they finish a 40-90 day stay at The Last Resort. Another option that some men find beneficial once they finish a residential treatment program is outpatient care. Through this type of program, they’re able to continue with group, family, and individual therapy. However, they’re also able to stay at home, making this type of program flexible around daily life.

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The Last Resort Alumni Association

Every man successfully completing his course of care with us is encouraged to stay connected to through LRAA, our growing Alumni Association. With weekly Alumni accountability groups, your loved one will stay connected with The Last Resort after his rehabilitation program at The Last Resort.

Are you ready to regain control of your life? If you are, then the experts at The Last Resort Recovery are ready to help. Give us a call today at (512)750-6750 and one of our professionals will help you get started on the road to recovery through our proven addiction treatment programs.

Men may also work through fitness therapy, nutritional counseling, and the 12 step program while they’re with us.