Men in Substance Abuse Treatment

Men's Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Texas

Addiction can happen to anyone – and it does. An estimated 20 million Americans struggle with a substance use disorder. At The Last Resort, we help men to break the cycle of addiction and find themselves again.

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No one intends to get addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many times, substance abuse begins with experimentation, social use, or an attempt to unwind after a tough day at work. You may have become dependent on prescription opioids after an injury or turned to alcohol after a loss. Unfortunately, no matter how you begin drinking or using drugs, occasional substance use can often spiral into full-blown chemical dependency.

The Statistics Behind Male Substance Abuse

Several studies have looked at the differences between men and women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Researchers have found that men are more likely than their female counterparts to use illegal drugs, use multiple substances, and inject heroin. All of this points to more severe patterns of substance abuse. Men are also more likely to begin using drugs or alcohol earlier in life and to consume more of a substance on a more frequent basis.

How Men Experience Addiction

There are several theories about why men are at higher risk for substance use disorder. Some believe that the dynamics of male peer groups may contribute to earlier access to drugs. Others point to higher levels of risk-taking behavior among men. However, these explanations don’t paint a complete picture of what we’ve learned at our treatment center.

At The Last Resort, we’ve found that substance abuse occurs as a result of social and personal pressures that men face every day. When men aren’t allowed to talk about their feelings, they turn to substances. When they are relied upon to be confident, strong, and alert, they turn to substances. When they don’t have an outlet to release pent-up anger, depression, or anxiety, they turn to substances. Fortunately, help is available. No matter which drug or drink you have become dependent upon, The Last Resort has a treatment protocol for it.

Commonly Abused Substances

At our men’s-only treatment center, we see a wide variety of addictions. Many of our clients have become reliant on multiple drugs, hoping that one will cancel out the side effects of the other. We provide accredited, evidence-based care that helps men to break free from their dependence on one or more substances. Our clinicians treat those who are addicted to:

Is Treatment Necessary for Substance Abuse?

Often, men will try to quit drinking or using drugs on their own. However, the at-home approach is often unsafe and unlikely to work. Choosing to pursue treatment at a licensed and accredited facility is strongly recommended. The Last Resort provides medically supervised detox, in-depth programming, and continued care to lay the groundwork for lasting recovery.

Today, high quality addiction treatment has become more important than ever before. This can be attributed to a few factors:

  • Legal problems inevitably follow severe substance use disorder. When men are caught driving under the influence or breaking the law to support their addiction, they face consequences that may last a lifetime.
  • Relationships suffer when someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol. He loses his ability to be a good father, brother, son, friend, coworker, and employee.
  • Overdose rates have reached an all-time high with the introduction of fentanyl into street drugs nationwide. Today, there is no such thing as a “safe” pill, cartridge, or powder on the streets.


If you’re on the fence about seeking professional help, there may be signs that a rehab program is necessary. Symptoms of substance use disorder requiring clinical intervention include:

If any of these sound like your problems, it’s time to talk to our team at The Last Resort.

A Path to Lasting Addiction Recovery

The Last Resort offers proven care that can help men to overcome any addiction. With 50 rolling acres and a community of other men seeking recovery, our campus is the perfect place for you to heal. Our approach is rooted in science; each method is specifically chosen by our expert clinicians for maximum impact.

Therapeutic modalities at The Last Resort include:

You’re not the first person to get caught in the cycle of addiction, and you won’t be the last. At The Last Resort, we’ve helped countless men to uncover the root causes fueling their substance abuse. Through our innovative, evidence-based therapies, we give you the tools you need to overcome substance use disorder, mental illness, past trauma, and more.  

A better life is just a click or call away. Contact The Last Resort to learn more about how we can help you to get back on track

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we often get men who are alcoholics and only abusing alcohol.

Yes, we have a strong dual diagnosis program with clinicians providing evidence based practices and psychiatric services for men who have depression and a substance use disorder.

Yes, we treat those who are stable upon entering our program with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, auto-immune disorders, and liver and heart issues. These often improve over the course of treatment.

You have what it takes to conquer addiction. We'll give you the tools you need to stay sober for life.