Mentoring Foster Youth In The Houston Area

When people think about the overwhelming homeless youth problem in Houston, it’s difficult for them to find ways to make a difference. This is a complicated issue that requires a lot of community involvement and effort to solve. Still, many children live on Houston streets or in unstable foster care situations, and they need action. 

If proper support is not provided to these young people, it can have a devastating impact on the rest of their lives — over 70% of state penitentiary inmates have spent time in foster care.

To prevent foster youth from engaging in harmful activities and to increase their chance of success, you can get involved by fostering local youth with the help of several Houston organizations. This can instill in them valuable life skills — beneficial for their lives and the community’s well-being. 

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All Experience Is Welcome When Mentoring Houston Youth

There is a range of skills that you can mentor foster youth in. Some of the most important skills may seem basic to you — for example, managing money, cooking healthy meals, or how to get a job. 

Whatever your expertise, there is a way you can help Houston’s foster youth with critical life skills.

Patience Is Key

Foster youth often go through traumatic and difficult situations, which may mean they find it more difficult to engage with a mentor or have gaps in their education. You should approach mentoring foster youth with patience and compassion.

Use A Local Houston Organization to Mentor Through

It’s safest for everyone involved if you mentor through an organization. You can get in touch with one of the below options if you want to help with mentoring foster youth in Houston.

Organizations in Houston That Offer Youth Mentoring

If you know of children in the Houston area living on the street or in foster care who need assistance, the following organizations are happy to assist them.

Angel Reach

Angel Reach is a faith-based charity that helps youth between 16-24 who are at a disadvantage due to their living situation or life in foster care. 

In 2019, over 20,000 young people in the US aged out of foster care without having a permanent family. Angel Reach strives to lower that number with a range of services, such as transitional living schemes designed to prepare youth for independent living after foster care.

900 W Dallas St.
Conroe, TX 77301

The Hay Centre

The Houston Alumni and Youth Centre helps current and former foster youth through education, mentoring, and training. These programs help foster youth develop crucial life skills for personal development and career prospects. 

1216 West Clay Street 
Houston, TX 77019

Help Mentor Foster Youth In The Houston Area

Houston residents must help foster youth and children living on the city’s streets. Not only will it greatly improve the prospects of the children themselves, but it will increase their chances of being productive, helpful members of society.

Mentoring is an excellent way to help foster youth to learn the life skills they need for both careers and personal conduct. Just contact one of the organizations above to get involved in mentoring foster youth in the Houston area today.

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