Painkiller Abuse In Houston Out of Control – How to Fight It

Painkiller Abuse in Houston Out of Control—How to Fight It

What can I do about prescription painkiller addiction in Houston? If you’re somebody who’s dealing with prescription painkillers, then it can be hard to know where to turn. Prescription pill addiction is one of the fastest growing drug problems in the country. And prescription medication abuse is linked with all kinds of health problems including fatal overdoses. Houston, TX is a city that has a huge problem with prescription painkiller addiction. If you’re someone who’s dealing with prescription pill abuse now is the time to break your addiction before something terrible happens. Click here to learn more about how prescription drug abuse is exploding among college students.

Painkiller Abuse in Houston Out of Control—How to Fight It

Painkiller Abuse in Houston Growing Every Year

All of Texas has a problem with prescription pill addiction, but it’s especially bad in Houston. According to the Houston Chronicle, “Houston remains at the dark heart of the Lone Star State’s growing prescription drug abuse problem — accounting for a quarter of complaints about doctors’ suspect prescriptions and one-sixth of the state’s 1,900 annual accidental fatal overdoses.” Houston is the largest city in Texas, so it makes sense that it’s at the center of the prescription medication problem. It acts as a distribution center for all of Texas. But the trade in prescription painkillers has tragic consequences. “Deaths by accidental overdoses – including preventable deaths involving prescription drugs – more than doubled from 2000 to 2008, according to the latest statewide death certificates,” reported the Houston Chronicle. Click here to learn more about the prescription painkiller abuse epidemic in Houston, Texas.

What Can I Do About Painkiller Abuse?

But what can I do if I’m struggling with prescription pill addiction? If you’re one of the millions of Americans fighting against prescription medication abuse, it can be difficult or impossible to kick the habit by yourself. But you should know that drug rehab can help you turn your life around—you can overcome addiction to prescription pills. You can begin a new life with prescription pill rehab. And, surprisingly, the best option for Houston drug rehab might not even be in the city of Houston itself.

Effective Painkiller Rehab in Texas

Where can I go for the best in Houston drug rehab? Last Resort Recovery is your top choice for men’s prescription drug addiction rehab in the city of Houston, Texas. Here, you can join a supportive brotherhood of men who can help you overcome your addiction to prescription pills. And by leaving Houston, you can go to a rehab center that’s still conveniently-located, while getting to escape the environment that led you to addiction in Houston. Click here to learn more about our 90 Day Rehabilitation Program.