Professional Counseling for Families in the Houston Area

If you or a family member struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, the problem doesn’t stay with the person who is addicted. The addiction touches many other people, especially family members

Families don’t need to struggle alone with drug and alcohol addiction. There are counseling services in Houston that are happy to help conflicted families. 

Speaking with a professional counselor can be crucial for expressing emotions, finding perspective, and understanding their loved one’s obstacles. That’s why professional counselors who work with families are often recommended if a family member is being treated for addiction. 

If you think that professional counseling could be the right choice for your family in the Houston area, check out these resources. Here are two great organizations that guide families in the Houston area every day through complex problems and even the darkest times. 

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Therapy for Families in Houston

In addition to their in-person locations, Therapy for Families also offers online counseling. The focus of this organization is on family members of all ages. Whether a family member is a child or parent, Therapy for Families wants to strengthen bonds. 

There are many reasons people turn to Therapy for Families. The main focus of this organization is to help every person in the household or family feel comfortable in the therapy process. They specialize in divorce counseling and counselors for families with foster or adopted children. 

If you think you or your family could benefit from Therapy for Families, you can find them at their Houston location (see address below) or contact them through their website. 

Therapy for Families
9950 Cypresswood Drive Suite 214
Houston, Texas 77070

Houston Professional Counseling LLC

Houston Professional Counseling LLC is the best place for parents. If you want to equip yourself with confidence and knowledge as a parent, Houston Professional Counseling is the place to go. 

Unlike Therapy for Families, they do not work with young children directly. While they do work with teens, their focus is mainly parents. However, their parent counseling allows you to take home strategies necessary to help your children outside a counseling session. 

In addition to family and parent counseling sessions, they offer a large variety of other specialties. We recommend you check out their services and see if it could be the best fit for you. 

Houston Professional Counseling LLC
19100 W Lake Houston Parkway, 
STE 106 Humble, TX 77346

Seeking Professional Family Counseling in Houston

Professional counseling is an excellent investment for families. By improving yourself as an individual and learning how to best interact with family members, you strengthen your family. 

If you are interested in either Therapy for Families or Houston Professional Counseling LLC, we recommend contacting them to learn more about whether it’s the best option for your family. Taking the time to speak with a professional about your family could change your life for the better! 

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