Addiction Treatment for Professionals & Executives in Austin, Texas

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How We Help Professional Men

Confidential Treatment That Doesn’t Slow Down Your Career

Alcohol and substance abuse can affect all aspects of a person’s life, including their career. For professionals in certain fields, seeking treatment may not seem like a viable option as they consider the repercussions that their addiction can have on their career. Fortunately, The Last Resort offers addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs that are well suited for male professionals and executives in the aviation, legal, and medical fields.

Our programs are safe and confidential. They protect participants’ reputations and aim to meet the unique needs that professionals face when struggling with addiction. Our comprehensive recovery program understands that addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why we strive to address addiction and any factors that may be contributing to it, such as relationships, family life, financial instability, or pressure at work. By participating in a male-only treatment program that fosters brotherhood with other professionals, who understand your struggles, we can help you overcome your addiction and find peace.

"I would not be where I am today without The Last Resort Recovery Center. The biggest two components that helped me the most were the staff and culture. They encouraged me to surround myself by a group of men that would hold me accountable, but at the same time show me how to have fun sober. Amazing staff and beautiful secluded property."

- Austin B.

"The Last Resort is a great facility for treatment. If you are having any kind of issues please don't hesitate to reach out. The staff is exceptional and they will take good care of you. The facility is very clean and everyone there is so friendly."

- Teal H.

What To Expect

Equine Therapy Program

Equine Therapy Program is an animal-assisted therapy program designed to help you develop real-life skills and fulfill recovery goals. By forging a connection between man and horse, our clients can improve their communication and commitment, skills that translate to a healthier lifestyle. This program is fully on-site at our 55-acre ranch in Smithville, Texas.

Fitness Program

Fitness Program, you can focus on something other than your addiction and experience the many benefits of exercise, such as reduced stress, increased levels of endorphins, weight loss, and muscle gain. By participating in exercise and fitness, you can learn to cope with stress in a healthier way and improve your mental and physical health.

Medical Detox Programs

Medical Detox Program is a great way to kick-start your recovery and transition into our full rehabilitation program. By participating in our 5-7 day program with 24/7 medical supervision, we eliminate the lag between the two stages of recovery and ensure your addiction treatment is consistent.

How to Enroll in Our Programs

Step 1

Contact The Last Resort Recovery

Call our 24/7 Addiction Help Line at
(512)750-6750 or contact us online .

Step 2

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, we'll talk about your struggle with addiction as well as what goals you hope to achieve through your rehabilitation program. This will help us determine whether we're the right fit for you.

Step 3


All men applying to The Last Resort are carefully screened to ensure they will benefit from our services. Our screening helps potential clients and their family feel safe and confident in their decision to enroll at The Last Resort Recovery.

Step 4

Discuss Payment Options

Before admission, we'll discuss payment options. Through various partnerships, The Last Resort Recovery offers financing options and may be covered by your insurance provider.

Healthcare Professionals

We welcome all types of medical practitioners to our program for professionals, including doctors, surgeons, physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, therapists, and veterinarians.


Our treatment program is ideal for pilots and air traffic controllers who may be struggling with alcohol or substance abuse and are at risk of losing their licenses.

Legal Professionals

Our comprehensive tratment programs offer sustainable rehabilitation that ensures lawyers, attorneys, and paralegals can maintain their licenses and return to work after treatment.

Treatment for Executives

Being a CEO, CFO, Executive Director, or any type of top-level business executive can result in significant stress and pressure to perform and deliver results. Our treatment programs surround you with other executives and professionals who can relate to this pressure and aid you in your rehabilitation.

“Just to have so many people, especially so many younger people, that have recovered from this disease and having them tell me what they did and for me to do that. I’ve reaped the benefits… I’m sober and I’m happy”

-Erik J. | Alumni

“When I got to the Last Resort, it was a comforting feeling being around men that work here and have gone through the exact same stuff that I had gone through, and they knew what to do to get me through this… and how to start changing my life. They were there for me every second that I was here, and they’re still a part of my life.”

-Brian B. | Alumni

If you're a career professional struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, contact us for more information about our rehab programs.

If you're an employer worried about an employee, contact us to refer an employee to our treatment program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for your treatments?

At The Last Resort Recovery, we strive to offer addiction treatment to business executives and professionals in the legal, medical, and aviation fields. If you’re a top-level executive, lawyer, doctor, surgeon, psychologist, veterinarian, pilot, or have an employee that may be struggling with addiction, TLR may be a good fit for you!

How will your programs help my career?

The Last Resort Recovery understands the implications an alcohol/drug abuse can have on a professional’s career. That’s why our comprehensive program seeks to treat addiction and help participants find healthy ways to cope with stress. Through relationships with Texas-state boards and associations, we help patients transition back to their workplace. We also follow up with our alumni and ensure they’re adjusting well and have the support they need.

Why should I choose The Last Resort Recovery?

Located on a 55-acre campus in the Texas Hill Country, The Last Resort Recovery offers evidence-based treatments, including equine-assisted therapy, wilderness retreats, and fitness programs that aid with long-term recovery. Our programs provide additional benefits, such as brotherhood and confidentiality, for professionals who may be worried about how addiction can affect their careers.

Call Our 24/7 Admission Hotline: (512)750-6750