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Treatment for Professional Men

The Last Resort Recovery offers addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs that are designed specifically for male professionals and executives.

Addiction Treatment for Professionals

Alcohol and substance abuse affects all aspects of a person’s life, including their career. For professionals in certain fields, seeking treatment may not seem like a viable option as they consider the repercussions that their addiction can have on their careers. 

Our programs are safe and confidential. They protect participants’ reputations and aim to meet the unique needs that professionals face when struggling with addiction. Our comprehensive recovery program understands that addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The Last Resort Recovery addresses addiction alongside any contributing factors to help men in their recovery process. Through participating in The Last Resort Recovery’s addiction treatment program, you gain the skills you need to achieve and maintain recovery in a safe, confidential environment.

Professional Men and Substance Abuse

With the added pressures executives, managers, and other professionals face in their work each day, they often turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse. According to SAMHSA, 12.1% of individuals who hold managerial positions misuse substances. Of all occupations participating in this survey, this was the third-highest rate of substance abuse.

This high rate of substance abuse could be attributed to a number of causes such as:

Stressful life and work situations are something that most people experience, but professional men may experience these pressures to a higher degree. There is often an innate desire in men to provide, and when aspects of their work or home lives interfere with this ability, the result can be damaging to their psyche. If these men turn to a substance to manage their emotions, even more damage may take place.

The Last Resort Recovery’s Treatment for Professional Men

At The Last Resort Recovery, we understand the unique pressures professional men face and the toll these pressures can take on their mental health. We also know that treating a substance use disorder must address the underlying causes in order to achieve lasting recovery. Our program both addresses the root issues related to addiction while practicing discretion, so you can receive treatment without fear of professional repercussions. 

Our treatment model incorporates a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions including:

Executive-level Care for the Professional Man

Whether you are a healthcare, legal, or executive professional, our team at The Last Resort Recovery can help you achieve recovery in a safe, discreet environment. We place your privacy as our top priority to ensure you can focus on your treatment without the fear of your workplace becoming involved. If you’d like to learn more about how we prioritize your discretion or our treatment programs, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we treat all men. We mention professionals because the average age of our men is 35, with most coming from high stress professions. We’ve had cleaners and foremen to surgeons and veterinarians and everything in between. 

Typically not within the first 30 days, but prior to admission, we can discuss special accommodations.

Prior to arrival, we can discuss special accommodations while in treatment.

We offer structured, effective treatment for high-achieving men. Contact The Last Resort to learn more about our Professionals Program.