Sound Therapy Can Be Rejuvenating in Recovery

Hearing is an important sense for people who want to know what is happening in their world. It helps people determine if traffic is coming, if danger is approaching, or if birds are singing in the trees. Sound therapy taps into the ability people have to rejuvenate the senses by listening to soothing sounds and attend to hearing things in a different way that provides healing.

Sounds and Environmental Shifts

Sound is a powerful indicator of what is happening in the environment around us. It is an effective tool for developing more sustainable ecosystems. Sound is an intricate dance between the animals in nature and people. Exploring these qualities has a way of changing the way people see the impact of their choices on the environment. Climate change can impact environmental sonic signatures. Reduced plant density can change the balance between leaf surfaces and rocks and buildings. This increases reverberation and makes sound environments more harsh.

Sound Therapy as Healing

Sound therapy is a holistic treatment method that uses vibrations to encourage relaxation and restore health. There is no clinical trial that suggests sound healing, in the environment or otherwise, helps people who suffer from mental and physical health issues. People who practice sound healing have experienced powerful benefits and a sense of wholeness.

Learning to Listen

People are not attuned to listening to themselves or others. Healing practices that date back to ancient civilizations integrate music into holistic healing methods to achieve balance but not everyone can stop long enough to listen. Sound healing works to synchronize brain waves with a stable frequency, leading to relaxed consciousness, meditative sleep, or just feeling more rested.

Sound Baths

A Sound Bath is a common method of sound therapy. Participants are invited to lay on a mat and use bolsters, blocks, blankets, and other props as music vibrates through the body. The player uses instruments like singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, gongs and more to help people relax. Sound baths are known to offer benefits like meditation but require less discipline as a passive practice. It can help people who have sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, or PTSD, among other things.People who are interested in sound baths can look at spaces where holistic healing is an option and seek out opportunities to find ways of receiving this healing for themselves in recovery as a mode of relaxation and bridge to inner peace.

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