man standing in wildnerness needs Austin Substance Abuse Treatment For Men and wonders what is addictionIf you or a man in your life is suffering from an addiction, it’s important to find a substance abuse treatment program that provides an individualized treatment plan for each client.

Every addiction is different, and people turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons. The most important thing, though, is to seek help early on. Addiction can quickly become deadly, but you can overcome it at a quality addiction treatment facility.

What is Addiction?

Addiction occurs when a person cannot stop using drugs or alcohol even if he wants to and even if the substance use is negatively affecting his life. Addiction takes its toll on the person using and everyone around him. It can cause a person to lose nearly everything – family, friends, a job and anything else the user holds dear. In the beginning, drug or alcohol use may be a form of escape from the stresses of life, difficult circumstances, or boredom and loneliness.

Over time, use of the substance becomes more important and starts to encompass every corner of the person’s life. At some point, substance use becomes about more than feeling “good” and starts to be about feeling “normal.” At this stage, most will require professional substance abuse treatment for men to overcome the addiction and discover a new life of sobriety.

Additionally, what most people don’t know when they ask, “what is an addiction?” is that addiction is a disease. It’s not a choice or a moral failing but results from changes in brain chemistry. People who have addictions are physically and psychologically incapable of stopping the use of their drug of choice. In fact, most are never able to quit without the help of a substance abuse treatment facility. Because of this, it is highly important to seek out substance abuse treatment for men.

Symptoms of Addiction

There are a number of criteria to determine whether a person has an addiction:

  • Limited Control – drinking or using more than you planned or wanted to
  • Tolerance – needing more of the substance to get the same effect
  • Desire to Stop – inability to stop using even if you have a desire to stop
  • Withdrawal – experiencing negative symptoms if you stop using
  • Negative Results – continued use even if you have experienced negative consequences to your using
  • Withdrawal from Friends, Activities – neglecting professional or social responsibilities to have more time to use
  • Time Spent on Using – significantly more time spent getting, using and recovering from the substance

Effects of Addiction

People use substances because they stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. However, that stimulation also changes basic brain chemistry and function, so you continue to crave the substance even after you begin to experience negative effects of using. Other effects of addiction can be extreme mood changes, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and hostility.

Physical effects of addiction can be just as devastating. Substance abuse can lead to damage to vital organs like the heart, kidneys, and liver. Use can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke and some types of cancer. In some cases, the damage can be too severe to reverse, even if the person stops using the drug. Getting help from The Last Resort’s Austin substance abuse treatment program can negate these health effects.

Helping a Loved One

What is addiction other than another disease? Like any disease, it can be difficult seeing a loved one struggle with addiction. They may deny their problem or lash out if you try to confront them about it. The key to this situation is patience. Accepting and recognizing an addiction problem doesn’t happen instantly. Rather than confront your loved one in an aggressive or hostile manner, take an understanding and compassionate tone. Discuss with them the rehab options available for substance abuse treatment for men.

In these situations, having an intervention with a professional addiction specialist may be the key to helping your loved one. After this intervention, you can continue supporting your loved one in a family program. This way, you can support them through their 90 day rehabilitation program and become part of their support system after treatment. Our Austin substance abuse treatment can give you your life back.

Substance Abuse Treatment at The Last Resort

At The Last Resort Recovery Center, we offer a variety of substance abuse treatments, including:

What is addiction doing to your life? Addiction is a serious disease with long-term ramifications. It is important to seek professional substance abuse treatment for men so you can successfully conquer your substance use and move to a healthier, happier life of sobriety. To get the Austin substance abuse treatment you need today, contact The Last Resort at (512)750-6750.