Austin Meth Rehab Center for Men

Methamphetamine or meth is a dangerously destructive drug that can lead to addiction even after the very first use. The stimulant resembles a white crystalline powder, which is usually snorted, smoked, or injected. The drug produces a fast, powerful rush or “high,” which can last for many hours. In some cases, users will binge use the drug, taking hits every few hours until they become too incapacitated to continue.

If you or someone you love has been using this dangerous drug, it’s time to seek rehab for meth addiction. We are The Last Resort Recovery and offer meth addiction treatment programs for men in Austin and Central Texas.

Effects of Meth Addiction on the Mind and Body

Meth causes a surge of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is the “feel good” transmitter that leads to the rush of euphoria users can become hooked on very quickly. Once the drug wears off, dopamine levels drop significantly, leading to depression and cravings for more of the drug.

Other effects of meth addiction include:

  • Feelings of alertness and mental acuity
  • Increased heart rate and heart arrhythmias
  • Increased body temperature, sometimes to dangerous levels
  • Suppressed appetite, which can lead to weight loss
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Delusions and hallucinations

Over the long-term, meth can be one of the most destructive drugs around. Users may experience lung, kidney, and liver damage, brain damage, and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Meth users may become malnourished as a result of a decreased appetite and may go for long periods of time without sleep. Long-term meth use can also cause severe anxiety, paranoia, and depression. Meth can cause a sensation known as “skin crawling,” which leads users to constantly pick and scratch at their skin.

Effects of Meth Addiction on Loved Ones

When someone suffers from addiction, he’s not the only person affected by it. Addiction is a family disease, so all of those involved will feel its effects. Watching someone you love suffer from addiction can be heartbreaking, especially if he begins pushing you away in favor of substance abuse. To repair relationships and rebuild healthy connections, families have to find a family program that acts as a mediator between them and the person suffering from addiction.

At The Last Resort, we help men struggling with methamphetamine addiction and offer our entire support to help them maintain better relationships with their families. Learn more about our family programs and our rehab facility near Austin, Texas.

Recognizing Signs of Meth Abuse & Addiction

Meth addiction can occur rapidly and may include the following signs:

  • Increased activity and wakefulness without the need for sleep
  • Skin infection and abscesses, due to constant picking at the skin
  • Significant weight loss and signs of malnutrition
  • Memory loss and mood disturbances
  • Paranoia, aggressive or violent behavior
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Severe tooth decay, known as “meth mouth”

What to Do If Your Loved One Needs Meth Addiction Rehab

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms in a man in your life, it’s crucial to find him help for this dangerous addiction. You may find it difficult to know where to start, especially if your friend or loved one isn’t ready to admit that he has a problem yet. A meth addiction intervention is often the best route to go.

In order to stage an intervention, you’ll need to find professional help. Our comprehensive meth addiction rehab center in Austin can help you figure out the steps you need to take in order to begin this process. A meth addiction intervention usually includes the following actions:

  • Putting together a group of people who are affected by the meth user’s actions
  • Creating a non-threatening situation in which to hold the intervention
  • Preparing a plan for the person who needs help so he can begin treatment immediately

During the intervention, the individual shouldn’t feel like you’re attacking him, but like you genuinely want to help him. Make sure you choose the right reasons to meet with him and the right meth addiction treatment center to back you up.

Getting the help you or a loved one needs isn’t always easy. The Last Resort Recovery in Austin, Texas offers personalized meth addiction treatment programs for men. We can offer guidance and acceptance into a new recovery journey.

Men’s Rehab for Meth Addiction Near Austin

Meth is a destructive drug that requires professional treatment to overcome. At The Last Resort, we offer a variety of evidence-based treatments as well as an immersive 12 step program to help people get well. Some of these include:

If you or someone you know is struggling with a meth addiction, the time to get help is now. Contact The Last Resort today at (512)750-6750 to learn how you can safely and effectively overcome your substance abuse with the help of our meth addiction rehab center located near Austin.