Our Healers & Helpers

We’ve gathered the best and brightest practitioners from across the country to our ranch outside of Austin, Texas. From chemical dependency specialists to executive chefs, our staff welcomes the gentlemen who arrive on campus every day, ready to make their lives better in their own talented ways. 

Ann and Bill Schneider


Corbin Bigheart

Chief Executive Officer

Becky Babb

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Van Wyk


Brittany Bass

Director of Business Development

Zack Plyler

Executive Director of Outpatient Services

Aaron Austin

Chief Operations Officer

Cindy Simmonds

Clinical Director, LCDC

Arthur H Litteken


Drew Tindell

Chemical Dependency Counselor "MA, LCDC"

Kyle Rainwater

Business Development Representative

Sarah Bolton

Business Development Representative

Parker Chapin

Alumni Coordinator

‍Shawn Marie Parrott


Cori Choate


Josie Herrera

Admissions Specialist

Jack Reigner

Business Development Representative

Trevor Cocheres

Director of Operation

Matt Gibson

Director of Recovery Operations

Pat Vann

Business Development Representative

Tiffany Waneck

Accounting Manager

Stephen Meraz

Director of Recovery Programs