The Feeling of Laziness May Actually Have a Spiritual Component

Laziness can be a barrier to spiritual awakening, or so some might think. There are different kinds of laziness. There is the laziness of comforts and feeling complacent. Then, there is the desire to stay as comfortable and cozy as possible. The loss of heart, deep discouragement, and a feeling of hopelessness can lead to despair. This laziness is difficult to overcome without recognizing how it occurs and ways to combat it within the mind, body, and spirit.


It may seem tempting to want to just sit and watch the world go by in peace and comfort. This is not what life is truly about, however. Laziness manifests in different ways in different cultures. For Americans, it seems especially to manifest in living with lightning quick speed, rushing from one thing to another including the gym, office, bar, hiking, meditation, home, all in an effort to seek some solace or comfort in the spaces we embody. Whether it is stopping to bask in the sun too long or running from place to place, it is easy to ignore the truth of our own reality. We are seeking a life free from pain, doubt, or edges. We want to get a break from ourselves and our lives but we end up seeking solace in places that don’t help us grow.

Losing Heart

When a person has a lazy heart, this can be characterized by vulnerability and even woundedness. In trying to be more ourselves, we realize how far we do not measure up. We chase after pleasures and find no lasting happiness. We help the poor, save the trees, or spend time helping the less fortunate, but we come still to a place of hopelessness characterized by loss of heart. We don’t want to move because it feels like life is too heavy a burden to carry, so we become paralyzed by this fear and end up doing nothing.

Not Caring

Not caring less is a fatalistic approach to life. This leads to cynicism and bitterness. We feel we do not have to give a damn anymore. We feel lazy and mean but when the world is a disappointment, we don’t care too much about it. We are not sure what mistakes we have made but we know we got it all wrong.

Fixing the Heart

Laziness, at its center, is a heart issue. The heart is a very precarious thing. It holds all the emotions and grounds people but at the same time takes us to far away places with our feelings and we have a hard time centering on the ground. It helps to ask some simple questions to look at why the heart feels lazy, complacent, or unwilling to take control of life. Looking around, it helps to entertain the question of where joy truly comes from. It does not come from outside, it comes from within. Looking deeper inside the soul is a practice called meditation, stillness, or prayer. However a person comes to this place, it helps to look deeper as a pathway to awakening. It is a process of gradually learning to become intimate with obstacles and, rather than feeling discouraged, we become curious to learn more about ourselves in a way that helps us become transformed. Stay fixed in the moment, help others, and work on the inner self. These practices are helpful when seeking true transformation of whatever laziness or complacency lies in the spirit and works as a sort of teacher to help guide us to a better practice of becoming human in this journey of life.

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