Are you ready to make a life-altering change and get the support that you and your family need? If so, the drug and alcohol rehab admissions process at The Last Resort begins with a phone call or an email. A prospective client or a loved one will have an interview with a professional from The Last Resort admissions team to determine the appropriateness for our program.



The Last Resort Admissions

The Last Resort admissions specialist will treat each call with the greatest of respect and with strict confidentiality. If a potential client is deemed to be an appropriate candidate for The Last Resort program, the admissions specialist will work with the client, family, and/or referral source, to determine an admission date. Admissions may be scheduled seven days a week. If an intervention or detox is required, we will provide contact information for an interventionist and/or detox facility and schedule an admission date immediately after completion. If a prospective client is not deemed an appropriate candidate for our program, a referral will be made to an appropriate facility. We have trusted partners all over Texas so if the prospect doesn’t seem to be a 100% for us, we will able to recommend another trusted facility that may have an increased chance of helping the prospective client. Our end goal is sobriety and we understand now everyone is a perfect fit for our program. Our drug and alcohol rehab admissions process is more of a meet and greet over the phone. Our counselors will learn more about the prospective client.




The Last Resort Admissions Each man must be interviewed prior to his admission by a TLR admissions counselor, although in some cases, the interview may better be conducted with a member of the man’s immediate family.

This interview is generally conducted by phone but families are welcome to come tour our facilities in which case we will be prepared to conduct the interview in person.

Our admission’s specialist will assist in determining the proper level of care and addiction treatment programs a man is in need of receiving. The interview will include a review of past treatment episodes, his medical history, current motivation, current and past alcohol and drug abuse, a medications checklist, as well as a review of all pertinent family, legal, employment issues. In some cases, an additional review may be required by one of our licensed clinicians on staff or by our consulting medical director, a board-certified addictionologist.



Rehab Insurance Coverage

Nearly every man who goes through our program is able to attend because of rehab insurance coverage. Paying for rehab out of pocket can be an insurmountable challenge. At The Last Resort, we work with a variety of insurers to ensure that we can treat as many men as possible.

For those that are unable to provide insurance coverage, there are other rehab financing options.



Contact TLR Admissions

If you would like to speak to a TLR admissions counselor, learn more about family lodging options, or get directions, you can always contact us. We are dedicated to assisting individuals and families in crisis and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (512)750-6750.