The New Trend of Being ‘Sober Curious’ and Why it May Be Harmful

When people get sober, they have been through a lot to get there. Maybe rehab, treatment, or some type of program, and maybe they quit cold turkey on their own. Now, the new trend is people declaring ‘the new sobriety’ is about taking a break from alcohol for one’s own health. This puts it into the same category as wellness trends for some people, which can be harmful and stigmatizing to people who are quitting because they had full-blown addiction and suffered immense consequences as a result. Find out more about the trend of becoming ‘sober curious,’ and just why it may be dangerous for people to follow this trend rather than do what is healthy for them and their loved ones.

Drinking Less is Best

Sobriety is not a bad thing to promote. In fact, it is the only thing promoted at thousands of recovery groups around the country. Some people in the sober community feel that sobriety is a trend that may do more harm than good for some people. As a trend, marketing tools are created, sober bars are built, and people view sobriety as the new rebellious act because it becomes counter-cultural. Sobriety, for many, is not a trend. It is a way of life that many people embrace so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle without the consequences of their drinking behavior ruining their lives.


Judgment and shame are two things experienced by people in recovery quite often. An increase in acceptance and normalization of sobriety helps remove the stigma around alcoholism and addiction. There is concern around being ‘sober curious,’ and what that truly means for people who drink too much but want to quit. Alcohol use disorder is characterized by chronic relapses, inability to stop, and drinking in spite of consequences. Recovery is for people who are addressing the root causes of addiction. You cannot be in full recovery without being sober, but people can be sober without being ‘in recovery,’ when it comes to a recovery lifestyle or program.

Underplaying the Risks

What happens when things become ‘on trend,’ is they stay that way for a short time before becoming normalized. More people adopt a sober lifestyle and people may fear ‘sober curious’ as being the underplaying of serious, life-threatening consequences of drinking and doing drugs. Even one drink is dangerous for people in recovery. The conversation is not whether being sober is a matter of being curious about how it works; it is more about people’s lives being impacted for better or worse. Addiction is not a game, it is literally people’s lives that need help. Family, friends, and loved ones are all impacted by a person with an addiction’s behavior. There is no great marketing strategy for combatting that and finding hope until the person is willing to admit they need help and seek treatment. From there, they enter sobriety and recovery, which lasts a lifetime. This is not a trend, it is a lifestyle, which means taking it seriously from day one and focusing on one step at a time as they move forward to recover their lives from this insidious disease.

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