The Salvation Army Family Store In Houston

The Salvation Army is a Christian church and charity that was founded in London in 1865. This project started to help the poor in London’s East End and has expanded globally since. It seeks to alleviate poverty and hardship while simultaneously spreading the Christian message.

The Salvation Army of Greater Houston has an active presence across Houston. It has a large team of volunteers based across 20 different locations and offers assistance to over 50,000 people each year. According to its website, the Salvation Army of Houston offers support in three main areas:

  • Rehabilitation. Offers faith-based recovery programs for those suffering from addiction.
  • Life Navigation. Helps people and families when they encounter extreme difficulties. They run shelters, community care centers, and disaster relief services.
  • Youth Development. Offers community-based programs to educate children based on Christian values and offers affordable summer school programs for families unable to take their children on holiday due to financial constraints.

The Salvation Army of Houston has stores and donation centers to collect money to be able to create programs and give to those in need. The stores offer a range of home furniture, clothing, among other items that are nearly new or unwanted from a previous owner.

Many of the items on sale are heavily discounted, and 82 cents of every dollar donated to The Salvation Army goes toward program services, meaning you can often snap up a great bargain while in the knowledge that your money is going towards a good cause.

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Here is some information on three of the Salvation Army stores in Houston.

3260 E. Broadway Street

The E. Broadway Street store is located on the junction between E Walnut Street and Barry Road. Among the largest of the Salvation Army Family Stores, this store has a considerable range of pre-loved clothes to choose from and offers on-site parking.

The address is:
3260 E. Broadway St.
Pearland, TX, 77581

3100 Cleburne Street

One of the more central stores in Houston, the Cleburne Street Store, is situated next to the Samuel Milton Nabrit Science Center.

The address is:
3100 Cleburne Street
Houston, TX, 77004

2208 Washington Avenue

The Washington Avenue store is located near the junction with Sawyer Street and the Washington Avenue parking lot. It offers a wide range of shoes, clothes, furniture, and homeware, including a large range of cozy sofas.

The address is:
2208 Washington Avenue
Houston, TX, 77007

Donating to a Houston Salvation Army Location

If you cannot visit these stores but would like to donate, you could do so by dropping off clothes or furniture at a nearby location. The Salvation Army is always appreciative of your generosity and is happy to collect your donations. The proceeds go to a good cause, and your no longer wanted items will go to a new home.

If you would like to donate any items to one of these Salvation Army stores, you can arrange for a truck to collect your donation by visiting:

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