The Transforming Power of “Going the Extra Mile”

One of the best ways to be successful in life turns out not to be intelligence or even merit. It has a lot to do with going the extra mile. Creating a philosophy of achievement is based on traits and practices that define success, such as transforming your life by putting in more effort than necessary to achieve a desired result.

Extra Mile and Your Career

The benefits of practice specifically relates to work. When a person puts in extra effort at work, they protect against the loss of employment when jobs are scarce. It leands to mental and physical growth of skills as well. It gives people a desire for increased compensation and enables one to profit from standing out against a crowded field of people.

Extra Mile and Your Life

Going the extra mile is providing extra service, with the highest possible quality. It is more than dotting “I’s” and crossing “T’s.” it is about seeking to provide a positive experience to the receiver on the other end. If you seek to delight your family, community, and business partners, you are focused less on your own life than that of other people in a sort of selfless giving mode.

Extra Mile Internally

Giving of your time, effort, compassion, kindness, support, and positivity results in your becoming more compassionate, kinder, and more positive overall. The energy touches everything you do and you become more connected to yourself and others. You also:

  • Develop greater value and empowerment
  • Develop greater awareness
  • Become energized
  • Go on an upward spiral as energy flows inside of you outward
  • Experience personal abundance

The whole goal of going the extra mile is taking leaps of faith and stepping out trusting you will be heading that direction you should be headed in without worrying you are always going to falter. Recovery is not about looking back or too far ahead. Stay in the moment but don’t forget to put in extra effort on the journey. It will only serve to make you better and stronger over time. When the opportunity presents itself, be present to help someone, help solve a problem, make a positive impact, and don’t take life too personally. You are on your own journey but you can still determine how hard and far you want to take it. By going the extra mile, you are putting in maximum effort for maximum return down the road which only goes to serve you in your personal recovery.

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