These 3 Steps Can Help You Overcome Procrastination and Get Motivated

When you look for motivation in recovery, it is all about balance. The more you can balance the many aspects of recovery, the better off you’ll be. Easier said than done, in most cases. You need to find some effective motivational methods that resonate with you personally and help you focus. Read on for some important tips on making this happen.

Know Your Wy

When you are committed to doing something, making a change, keeping to a workout schedule whatever it is, you need to find your reason for doing it. This is especially true for people who are dreamers, who like envisioning what is possible and seeing a greater impact. When you connect your actions to a bigger ‘why’, your actions start to seem more motivating. Take a moment to yourself, and connect the action you want to take to the bigger vision you have. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why this is important?
  • How does it help others?
  • How does it benefit you?
  • What excites you?

Once you have tapped into those feelings and visions, you will find your motivation. If envisioning is difficult for you, try writing about it. The impact will be the same.

Get Clear

Many times we can have a clear vision, and goal, but no way to get there. Or it all seems overwhelming. When you’re not clear what the next steps are, and find yourself procrastinating, here are some tips to follow:

  • Start by writing down your goal, what you’d like to accomplish
  • Come up with a few baby steps, basic, doable, action steps, that you can take that day, or in the next couple days
  • If any one of those steps seems too daunting, break them down even further

Once you have that first list ready, go through it, and you will discover that you can do it! It is easier to think this is going to happen quickly in recovery. Truth is, your recovery is a journey. Try breaking things into manageable, bite-sized pieces. This way, they become much more easily manageable. And when you take even the first, tiny step, it starts the process in your mind. Now, you have begun.

Stay Accountable

Get an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who holds you accountable for doing the things you said you were going to do. This may be a sponsor or someone who can motivate you to change. The point is that when you know that you have to report back to someone on what you have accomplished, you are more likely to do it. You can use one method or a combination of methods. As long as they work for you, your motivation will return to stay.

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