These 4 Steps Can Help People in Recovery Step Around Failure

It can be difficult to face failure. Nobody likes to feel like they failed. It happens a lot in life. People fail all the time. The key is to figure out how to navigate failure in recovery from addiction and not let it drag down everything else. One failure does not make a person. If everyone were their failures, then nobody would ever get anywhere. Since people are so resilient, they learn how to negotiate failure without so much fear.

Next Thing Up

It is hard to see the forest for the trees when in the midst of failure. Maybe it was a perceived failure, or a real one, or the risk of relapse that feels like failure. Whatever it does not need to derail the recovery. Each person in recovery has unique gifts and talents. They have a unique design that they can learn to embrace that will help them in recovery. Focusing on the next thing coming can be very helpful. Failure produces a narrow vision at the moment because everything (and maybe everyone) is centered on and around that moment. However, failure is not the only option. After failure comes putting one foot in front of the other and stepping out in faith that things will get better.

Find a Reason

There is always a reason for failure. There is a reason why relapse happens, or the risk is more prominent. It takes time to look around, but spend a moment and assess what went on before this happened. Why were certain decisions made and project out what could have happened had that choice not been made. Or the multitude of choices. There is always a reason (or many), but the real truth of overcoming failure is not to let that reason define the rest of recovery. Let it go and move forward.

Look for Success

Even if the failure was addressed, now is the time to make sure failure is not avoided but success is maximized. Failure is an inevitable part of life. The key is to think about and imagine what to do next. Where to go and how to behave in such a way that it is impossible to think of anything else but being successful. Get some help from accountability partners and others who can support the journey of healing. Brainstorm ways of maximizing success to find hope.


Look at what went wrong and rewrite the script. Don’t follow the same plan or script that landed you here. Good leaders revise their plans based on feedback and on experience. They don’t keep repeating mistakes. In any situation where failure happens, it is always good to re-evaluate priorities, mistakes, and opportunities. Where there’s a mistake there are opportunities to grow.

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