These 5 Tips May Help You Identify if Sadness is Turning Into Something More

Feelings of sadness can overwhelm people at any time. Even when it may not seem things are so tough, it can be hard to see the light in anything when mental energy is being drained by feeling constantly sad or down. Sadness is an emotion but can run much deeper. There are some ways to identify is sadness is something deeper than just an emotion.

Feeling Weary

Even if you don’t have much to do, it takes every effort to do it. It might seem like no rational explanation can be seen for why you are tired. This is because you are overwhelmed by sadness. It will take every ounce of energy to go to work, deal with life, and crawl back into bed. This feeling is bone-deep and sits in the soul like a pit. Even things once loved no longer hold value and you stop doing things you should do like take care of yourself, eat, or get good sleep.


When you feel sad for so long, you are not able to handle complicated issues or complexities. You feel exhausted and just struggle to deal with what is right in front of you. You get irritated easily, get angry at people, and feel all your energy is going to feel down, so you don’t have reserves for other things. The load feels so heavy, the burden never seems to end.

Low Back Pain

The one part of the body that physically manifests itself in depression is the back. The spine keeps you upright, which shifts with depressive symptoms. Your spine was not made to support the weight you carry, so emotionally and physically your body feels it all. The ache is in your mind, but it feels like it is in your spine. The hardest part of dealing with this is going to seek help for pain that has no real physical solution.

Slow Speech

Discussion or banter is too hard when you are depressed. When you are in a situation where you are not in the mood to talk, you begin to speak slowly and pause without thinking how much you’re saying. The slow manner in which you talk is difficult. You’ve lost passion and don’t feel like talking about things you enjoy. It takes too much energy.

Difficulty Sleeping

Even though you’re tired, it is hard to sleep. You need to get a break but cannot catch one. Your mental state is in flux and your sleep is erratic, which does not help at all. You cannot stay asleep for more than a few hours and manage to drop off when you are finally exhausted. Your mind and body need rest but it is hard to sleep when thoughts go through your mind. These are just some of the ways to know if something more is going on than just sadness. The body will be able to tell when symptoms turn towards depression. Another sign is self-medicating with medicine or substances. When this happens, it is called co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder. This can complicate getting help because people become addicted and stay depressed but don’t get the treatment they need. Seeking help is a big deal in finding the right treatment for all of the issues and help a person get out of depression towards hope.

Finding healing from rehab is the best solution for dual diagnosis. If you are struggling with depression and substance use disorder, we can help. You are not alone in the fight against addiction. Call us if you think you may need more help for depression and substance use than you can handle on your own: 512-750-6750.