These Are Signs a Man May Be Addicted to Drugs

Addiction is a serious challenge for people who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse. Men exhibit different signs than women and often exhibit physical, outward signs more than women. There are some common signs and more hidden ones which demonstrate a loved one, in totality of the symptoms, is struggling with addiction.

Societal Expectations

Men are expected to be a certain way by society. This includes masculine ideals society puts on men to prove themselves as strong and able to handle anything. Men may engage in binge drinking with buddies or guys from work, more aggressive outward behaviors, and get into physical altercations depending on their personality and amount of drinking. Substance abuse is associated with increased risk-taking in men who may put themselves and others in dangerous positions unwittingly because of their drinking or drug use.

Difficulty Expressing Emotions

A common theme for men when it comes to experiences it the idea that emotional expression is vulnerability. Men typically do not value vulnerability as highly and struggle with this in response to their environment. Many men suppress emotions due to cultural expectations but that is shifting now where men are feeling more open about their feelings and expressing the stress and challenges they face. Men may respond more to emotional stress by turning towards drugs or alcohol than women.


Men may experience different things in their body than women when they use substances. This is due to metabolism and biological differences for men and women. Men may abuse drugs for longer and experience more consequences due to feeling less able to express themselves. Physically, mentally, and psychologically men feel the challenges of addiction differently than women and it results in difficulty overcoming addiction because they have a hard time admitting the need for help until it has destroyed their lives. Men and women don’t differ so much in that they struggle with addiction. What they struggle with is how to navigate it and how to reach out and ask for help. Men are less likely to do this, although that is shifting lately. Men tend to have higher rates of addiction and cope differently so they need treatment that focuses just on them and their needs in recovery. This can lead to greater healing for them and an inner journey of healing that supports understanding the root causes of their addiction so they can get the help they need to move forward.

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