Thrift Store Locations in Houston, Texas

Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to purchase high-quality and unique items, all while saving you money. These discounted stores help people of all ages and circumstances buy apparel and household items at affordable prices. And it’s not just appealing to parents and grandparents either—studies show that more teens are embracing thrift store shopping.

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This guide highlights thrift store locations throughout Houston and how they benefit many families who live in the city.

Family Thrift Center

Family Thrift Center in Houston features an abundance of ever-changing pre-worn clothing items. With apparel from popular brands, they let shoppers get their hands on brand-name goods at discounted prices. They also stock an array of toys, books, and household items.

With quick check-out times and plenty of parking, Family Thrift Center is all about convenience. Head on down and grab you and your family some unique products and clothes without worrying about the hefty price tag. 

You can visit Family Thrift Center by heading to the address listed below. If you have any questions regarding their products or opening times, give the friendly staff a call.

Family Thrift Center
12148 Gulf Fwy
Houston, Texas 77034

Goodwill Super Store

Goodwill Super Store in Houston serves the entire community, from shoppers to workers alike. 

The organization educates, trains, and hires individuals who may live with barriers to employment. Goodwill Super Store ensures its employees get a quality chance in work life and allow them to thrive. 

What’s more, they also connect people from all over Houston with various community outreach programs. They bring people together and improve lives.

With the opportunity to either shop online or visit the outlet stores, GoodWill stocks various products. It has everything from jewelry and apparel to gaming units and electronics. Whatever item you’re on the hunt for, chances are Goodwill Super Store will be able to help.

You can visit Goodwill Super Store by heading to the address listed below. Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding their products or opening times, you can give them a call.

Goodwill Super Store
2600 Fondren Rd
Houston, TX 77063

SeAM Thrift Store

Southeast Area Ministries (SeAM) is a humanitarian, 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry that serves under-resourced communities. It supports the  ministry and the excellent work they do through their thrift store.

From clothing, shoes, electronics, books, housewares, and linens, whatever you need, SeAM Thrift Store will stock it. With wide selections, extremely low prices, and “bargains galore,” all merchandise is donation-based, with most of the work done by volunteers. The kind-hearted employees and donators make SeAM Thrift Store a wholesome place to shop.

You can visit SeAM Thrift Store by heading to the address listed below. Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding their products or opening times, you can give them a call.

SeAM Thrift Store
2006 Houston Blvd
Houston, TX 77587

Visit a Houston Thrift Store Today!

These shops listed above do vital work for the Houston community—and shopping at one is an excellent savings decision! Check out the nearest one today to find unbeatable discounts and support the good work of these organizations.

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