Transitional Living and Aftercare Program in Austin, Texas

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Transition To A Sober Living Environment

“The longer a person engages in a treatment continuum, the better the chance they have at being successful.” That’s the concept that has long been supported by substance abuse treatment outcomes and data. With this in mind, The Last Resort has built a continuum that seeks to support those struggling with substance abuse well beyond their stay at a residential treatment setting. Our Transitional Living and Aftercare Program, located in historic South Austin, is designed to continue to aid clients as they step down from a higher treatment-intensity setting, like a residential or intensive outpatient program.

The Last Resort Residences serves as our Transitional Living location and acts as a safe, structured, and comfortable sober living environment. Clients living at The Last Resort Residences and participating in our Aftercare Program will be engaging in recovery-oriented programming designed and delivered by licensed and certified addiction professionals. Intertwined Aftercare Programming is designed to add levels of accountability and support as our residents in Transitional Living begin the shift back into healthy and productive lives.

“Awesome people who genuinely care about your well being and living a sober life after leaving. I will forever cherish this place for the things I learned and the relationships created. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone.”

-Hayden T. | Recovered Gentleman

Why Choose Us?

Individual Recovery Coach

All residents are paired up with their own Recovery Coach who will help ease the transition between a high-structured residential treatment environment and the challenges of the real world.

Certified Professionals

Residents participate in weekly aftercare groups run by certified addiction professionals who have experience supporting residents as they begin the shift back into healthy and productive lives.

24-Hour Staff Support

The Last Resort Residences has 24-hour staff support with live-in house managers who promote house guidelines that are designed to cultivate structure and accountability.


Weekly urine analysis, recovery-oriented house meetings, and support groups help to promote accountability among our residents.

Warm & Inviting

The Last Resort Residences is a warm and inviting home environment with fully furnished bedrooms and living areas, as well as a shared backyard and outdoor space.

Access to Outpatient Office

Residents have access to our Intensive Outpatient Program location that includes a group room, common areas, and two private offices.

Ideal for...

Our Transitional Living & Aftercare Program is ideal for men who are, at least, 30 days sober out of treatment and ready to seek and live a different life. At The Last Resort Residences, we have options to help students, professionals, and any man committed to maintaining their sobriety. By offering a recovery community of other men walking a similar path, our Transitional Living & Aftercare Program is perfect for those at high risk or who may otherwise be exposed to temptation that can lead to relapse.

What To Expect

Recovery-Oriented Aftercare Groups

Participants of our Transitional Living and Aftercare Program engage in one 2-hour group session a week. Aftercare group programming is designed to implement a sense of structure, community, accountability, and continued growth and healing for every participating client. In this dynamic, we aim to address issues that people often face in early recovery, such as:

  • Family and Home Life
  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Financial Planning
  • Rebuilding
  • Relapse Prevention Counseling
  • Continued Engagement and Consistency in a Program of Recovery

Recovery Coaching

All residents will participate in weekly recovery coaching sessions. This service is delivered by our Certified Peer Recovery Coaches and adds a level of individual support and attention for participating clients. Our Recovery Coach aims to help clients with strength-based goal planning, support services, and communication about progress towards goals with family members and key stakeholders. Our coaches will also add personal accountability in areas including educational and vocational endeavors, financial coaching and support, relationships, and general level of engagement in a recovery program.

Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

A helpful tool in remaining accountable during recovery, drug screenings will be provided at random throughout the course of treatment. In the event of a lapse back into using patterns, we will be able to identify the issues in a timely manner and ensure the individual is re-engaging in the needed and appropriate level of care.

Transition Smoothly to Independent Living

Our Recovered Gentlemen’s Success Stories

“These guys are some of the best in the state when it comes to real, raw recovery. Don’t hesitate to get yourself or a loved one over to TLR. They produce miracles daily.”

- Cameron K.

“The people in charge really knew what they were doing. They loved unconditionally, taught us exactly what we needed to know, and sent us back to our friends and family with the tools we needed to be successful.”

- Blake B.

How Do I Get Started?

Verify Your Insurance

The Last Resort Residences are designed to offer continued care to men leaving a residential rehab or who are engaged in an IOP program. If you’ve recently completed or are participating in one of these programs, contact us to learn more about our Transitional Living Program.


Once admitted to our Transitional Living Program, individuals will engage in recovery-oriented programming that is designed and delivered by licensed and certified addiction professionals.

Continued Care

Once you complete our Transitional Living Program, we encourage you to continue participating in support groups and aftercare programs that can help you maintain sobriety and avoid relapse when difficult situations arise.

Who We Are

The Last Resort Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center located in Smithville, Texas. Founded by professionals with over 25 years of addiction treatment experience, The Last Resort also offers aftercare programs to help men maintain sobriety and avoid relapse after rehab. The Last Resort Residences is one of those programs that is built for those who want to continue working toward their post-treatment goals in a drug and alcohol-free living space that supports long-term, sustainable recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for the Transitional Living Program?

The Last Resort Residences are open to any man who has been detoxed or completed an addiction treatment program successfully. Call our 24/7 Addiction Help Line to speak to our admissions counselors and learn if you're a candidate.

Where is the Last Resort Residence home located?

The Last Resort Residence & Transitional Living and Aftercare Program is located in historic South Austin.

Avoid Relapse With Our Transitional Living Program

Leaving a residential addiction treatment and entering the real world can be a daunting task. The Last Resort Residences aims to make that transition smoother by providing our residents with the support and accountability they need to avoid relapse and return to their lives.