Our Aftercare Facility

Transition To A Sober Living Environment

Men who recover at The Last Resort receive ongoing support. One of the ways we ease the transition out of treatment is through high-accountability sober housing.

Transitional Living in Austin, Texas

Once primary treatment has concluded, we want to help you prepare for your new life. Many men in our care have expressed concern about “what comes next” – they know that they can stay sober on our campus, but are uncertain about how they’ll deal with challenges at home. That’s why we’ve created The Residences at The Last Resort.

The Residences are a sanctuary for men in the middle of the recovery journey. Located in historic South Austin, these homes provide safety and structure for those new to sobriety. Clients who live at The Residences participate in our aftercare programming, which includes individual coaching from licensed professionals. They also benefit from 24/7 support in a high-accountability environment. The fellowship and resources available at The Residences make them a popular choice for those seeking sober housing in Austin.

Long-Term Treatment and Ongoing Support

Our transitional living program is ideal for men who have at least 30 days of sobriety. We have specifically designed the structure to work for professionals, students, and those who have recently completed a treatment program. The Last Resort invites those who would benefit from a supportive recovery community to inquire about our sober living solutions.

Services available at our transitional living homes include:

Individual Recovery Coaching

We believe in the effectiveness of one-on-one care. Each resident is paired with a recovery coach, who will serve as a case manager and advocate throughout the recovery process. They provide the encouragement, advice, and clinical coaching needed to meet the challenges of “the real world.”

The recovery coach works with the resident to set achievable goals, communicate with family members, and provide life skills training. During their tenure at our transitional living program, residents will learn important skills for managing their finances, repairing their relationships, advancing their careers, and engaging in recovery programs.

Group Programming

Our transitional living residents benefit from group programs tailored to their needs. These meetings are led by certified addiction treatment professionals. Each meeting empowers our residents to take on real-world issues at home. Topics include:

Structure and Accountability

The Residences are the hub of our high-accountability sober living program. Live-in house managers oversee residents, ensuring that house guidelines are consistently adhered to. Because our house managers live on-site, residents can access support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also offer ongoing drug screenings throughout a resident’s stay. Random drug and alcohol testing helps us to identify any issues in a timely manner. This information empowers us to adjust the course of treatment, connecting the resident with resources at the appropriate level of care. We take the time to address the underlying factors that have contributed to relapse, ensuring that each person feels ready to live a life of recovery.

Men’s Sober Living in Texas

Recovery takes time. Our transitional living residences are ideal for those looking to “keep it simple” in the days of early recovery. Staffed by supportive, kind recovery experts, The Residences offer a place of rest and reflection for those seeking lifelong sobriety. We encourage participation in aftercare activities, provide one-on-one support, and ensure that each client continues to make progress while in our care.

To learn more about The Residences and our approach to transitional living, contact The Last Resort admissions team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transitional living is anywhere from 45-120 days.

You will be with mostly the same people but also with some alumni who have stayed longer.

No, the house is a private residence and not marked or known as a rehab.

Yes, many of our men in transitional living have jobs.

You will eventually get your own place or return home. The goal of transitional living is to transition you into your own independent living, knowing how to handle triggers and the tribulations of life without picking up a drink or drug.

The Last Resort helps you to transition back into independent living after treatment. Contact us for information about our transitional living and aftercare programming.