Treatment Overview


Substance Abuse

We provide treatment for those addicted to alcohol, marijuana, painkillers, cocaine, heroin, benzodiazepines, stimulants, inhalants, sedatives, and more.

Trauma & PTSD

Most men with substance use disorder have been impacted by trauma. The Last Resort offers proven treatment for PTSD caused by acute or ongoing events.

Grief & Loss

For many men, the emotions associated with loss can contribute to addiction, depression, and anxiety. Our clinicians can help you to deal with grief in a healthy way.

Dual Diagnosis

Addiction doesn't happen in a vacuum. Conditions like anxiety and depression can contribute to substance use. We offer treatment for co-occurring disorders.



We know what men need to recover. Our team specializes in providing therapeutic intervention and support tailored to the needs of our male clientele.


Executives, lawyers, physicians, and other high-achieving professionals face stress and substance use disorders at high rates. We have designed a program for this group.

Military Members

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Addiction is a family disease. The Last Resort's comprehensive family program provides much-needed education and support for those who love our clients.