Try These Tips for Letting Go of the Pressure to “Have it All”

Everybody has an ideal life they want to attain. Whatever it looks like for them, that helps set the guideposts for their life. Some people desire to ‘have it all’ in the sense of having everything they could possibly want to make them feel successful, healthy, happy, or whatever it is they want to feel. Even when lives are full, there seems to be a fear of not having enough to ‘have it all.’ The only way out of this trap is to let go of the pressure to have everything in perfect alignment to have the life that is best for you.

Striving for Nothing

Pushing harder and striver for more is not the way to gain confidence or friends. It is a quick path to feeling more distracted and stressed. This yearning for something else comes from a dissatisfaction with how life is now. Pursuing goals and focusing on what you’re not doing can feel like you are always failing at your attempts to have everything you desire. Contentment is the opposite of this idea, this pressure, to succeed and can relieve the mental and physical strain on a person to feel they need to do certain things to succeed.

Let Go of Comparison

Comparing yourself to someone else is not healing, it can drive you to do things you do not want to do. It can drive you towards thinking you are not successful if you don’t have this or that, cannot do this or that. You may not stop to realize that you only have this life and wanting status or belongings is not the way forward. In recovery, it is about letting go of comparing yourself to someone else. You are on your own journey. When you decide to be happier doing what you’re doing for yourself, you release the need to be doing what others are doing and find your own path.

Be Present

Striving for more is about looking ahead. What more can you get, do, or be, to achieve that goal out there. Recovery is about having it all, just not right now. Right now in this moment, you have all you need. You have what you need within you, it resides deep within the well of your soul that springs forth the ideas and beliefs that will drive you towards accomplishment of your goals. Being present can help you stay here and now with what you have and feel contentment. This sense of contentment can help you find healing and hope on the other side of addiction if you let it happen. Presence is for both mind and body, a way to bring everything to center so you can focus on what is truly important.

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