Try These Tips to Get Motivated and Stop That Lazy Feeling

Everyone has periods of time when they feel less energized and struggle to find motivation. It is common to feel this way on occasion but, then the moments become more frequent or last for longer periods of time. People see things differently and the goals become less important. It is difficult to feel inspired and we start wondering if we are capable of even feeling motivated again. Try these tips if you have a lazy, lackadaisical feeling and just need to get moving.

Ideal Self

Everyone thinks they know who they want to be or how they want to behave. Goals are a great thing but the idealized self is not always actualized. The ideal self is often an image of achievement of goals, healthy behaviors, and that optimal look at how our lives can be if everything is perfect. Learning to tap into the ideal side without trying to attain an unachievable ideal is one key to motivating your journey.

Not Alone

If you feel lazy or unproductive at times, you are not alone. Research has found that only 8 percent of people who set a New Year’s resolution actually achieve this goal. 1 in 4 people don’t make it past the first week before they throw in the towel. There are many things that can get in the way of productivity and achievement of goals. Sometimes the obstacles are situational or related to timing and opportunity, while at others the obstacles are created by the people due to mindset or approach.

Old Habits Die Hard

To make progress and quit being ‘lazy,’ we need to recognize what might be influencing our inability to reach goals or leaves us feeling less productive than we would like. There are several habits that can help you reach those goals:

  • Make the goal too big.
Fortunately, there are plenty of achievable steps you can take to turn things around or stay on track with your goals:
  • Create small, attainable goals. You can desire to reach the pinnacle, but break the huge goal down into smaller goals that will help you feel accomplished and motivated. Remember key steps that need to be done to get there and write them down.
  • Take time to develop a plan. Sit down with yourself as you reflect on desires and goals. Consider the steps you need to accomplish to get there and be realistic. Having achievable goals and plans in mind will help you develop confidence.
  • Focus on your strengths. If you are used to an inner critic that focuses on flaws and shortcomings, you’ll find great benefit in taking inventory of those strengths. If you find it hard to find personal strengths, ask friends or family what they see and how to get what you need.
  • Celebrate small victories. As you accomplish small goals, even as you overcome setbacks, you can keep moving forward. You will build pride in the victories that help you achieve long-term success.
  • Assess your food intake. Sugary food and carbs will not be helpful to you. Try including almonds, salmon, bananas, yogurt, oats, dark greens, and water to your diet. Try to avoid candy, bread, donuts, and desserts.
  • Reduce fatigue by getting outside. Walk the dog, jog with friends, hike, or attend group fitness classes. Try yoga and see how you feel afterwards.

It takes time to kick start motivation. If you are struggling, find people who can join the struggle with you by supporting your journey. You are worth it and deserve to feel motivated in recovery to hit those goals you’ve always wanted to achieve.

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