Try These Tips to Recover from a Bad First Impression

When you meet someone new or are doing something like an important job interview after being out of the marketplace, you want to make a good first impression. The last thing you want to do is make a horrible first impression they will always remember. Bad first impressions are hard to forget because they are the first (and possibly last) thing they will see. It can also set the tone for an entire relationships. There are ways to recover if you fumble the first time with someone. Learn some tips for how to get back on your feet again.

Taking Action (or Not)

Before you decide how to tackle that bad first impression, you have to ask whether it is even worthwhile. It depends who you were trying to impress and what impact it has on you now and in the future. If the relationship is not all that important, you might decide it is okay to skip making a big deal. On the other hand, if the person was important to you, how you respond is of great importance.


The first thing you should do if you fumble up front is make an apology. Your reaction needs to be quick because the person has already made up their mind about you. Face-to-face apologies can be tricky because Americans are proud and stubborn. An apology does not need to be a sign of weakness as long as you remember your apology is tool for preserving and extending the relationship.

Take Ownership

Once you apologize, just own it. Take ownership you fumbled the ball and now you have to make up for it. It’s okay for you to make mistakes. Don’t overdo it and well on the mistake. Apologizing too much can make a bad first impression seem worse.

Go Back Later

One of the things about recovery is you go back later to people you harmed and apologized. The same goes for bad first impressions. You can make an apology but you cannot explain away your poor behavior and choices. Even if you apologize later, people generally appreciate it but that does not change anything. The key is, even if you feel too much time went by, there is little harm in doing it anyways.

Consistency is Key

No matter what, it is how you show up over time that counts. Once you’ve tried a few of the above, it is time to let it go and seek to change their minds about you. This approach is harder if you have more than one bad impression under your belt. The follow up, listening, and apologizing for mistakes will be helpful as you go through relationships and seek to keep building on them over time. By and large, people are forgiving, and you might just make some lasting relationships as a result.

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