What Are 4 Tips to Overcome Bitterness and Anger?

Anybody in recovery can claim a right to be bitter about their circumstances. There is a lot to be mad about because life is not always fair. Addiction is not fair and nobody wants you to feel this way. It is an emotion that can be a bitter pill to swallow after a while and end up eating away at you. Bitterness and anger can be overcome once you know how to navigate through it.

Offer Forgiveness

When you accept your flaws, you start putting your foot down against bitterness. You can accept the things that limit you and limit others, without feeling it limits your upward mobility in recovery. Forgive yourself for all the frustrations you experienced and begin to heal. When you offer it to others, it is amazing what can be returned to you.

Find Something Nice to Say

It is easy to focus on the bad behavior and let go of the good. The more you feel bad inside, the worse it will get. In a sort of Dorian Gray type of way, the inner soul will start to spill into the outer physical appearance and you may appear sullen and transparently frustrated or annoyed with people when you are bitter. When you find nice things to say and focus on positive energy, you release criticism and judgment to find healing. Filtering your thoughts will help you reject things that impact you negatively and bring your thoughts down.

Celebrate Victories

Some people will honestly be further along in the journey than you. If you feel jealous of other people’s success, it is a normal reaction because you don’t like to lose. Competitiveness is not a feeling that works well in recovery because everyone starts, moves, and ends in different places. Nobody is on the same journey at all. Even if the path is the same (recovery), the journey is so different, that it makes no sense to tell people you need to be better or are better than them. Learn to celebrate with joy the victories of friends, family, and those on the journey with you. It will make you a better companion for the journey, as well.

Improve Yourself First

If you really want to let go of bitterness and anger, find a way to improve yourself. Prove people wrong about you and don’t focus attention on them. Choose to forget how they hurt you and set personal goals. Find ways to meet your own improvement goals and not worry about whether others are keeping up. It is just about you, here and now, being present to the moment. There will be no time to focus on bitterness if you are more involved in improving your own circumstances.

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