What Are Designer Drugs?

Designer drugs is a term applied to synthetic drugs created by pharmaceutical companies. Drugs like methamphetamine and LSD were created as medications. Today, ‘designer drugs’ are any synthetic alternative of a narcotic, usually intended to increase its potency while minimizing the side-effects. They are made with the goal of getting around the law. Many drugs from clubs and raves, like ecstasy and LSD, are now designer drugs. Learn more about these and how they are produced along with the effects.


Designer drugs may sound safe for some reason, but just because they are called ‘designer’ does not make them safer alternatives. They were originally made with this intent, but are more dangerous than the original they try to synthesize. The nature of labs that don’t have regulation is that nobody is sure what is in the drugs. K2 is one example, a synthetic marijuana that causes people to fall into catatonic states. Others have bled out from a chemical in the drug found in rat poison. The low cost to make and purchase makes it more well-liked. The risk is that people can take drugs that they don’t know the origins of and may be risking their life.

Common Designer Drugs

Public awareness of designer drugs has skyrocketed in the media. Drugs like methamphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, bath salts, K2, spice, and fentanyl have gained the spotlight in recent years. People still take great risk on these drugs as they try to chase a high they cannot obtain. The drugs are found in clubs, raves, and house parties. The places people typically find these are amongst friends and others who are using them. The challenge is not knowing where they got them, how they were made, or what is in them.

Seeking Help

Trying to find help for drug use can seem difficult for some people. It means admitting a problem exists that you cannot solve on your own. What most do not realize is the dangers of the drugs can carry forward quite a bit into someone’s life down the road. Dangerous effects can hit a person right away or cause their death. If you use designer drugs and don’t know what is in them, you are putting your life at risk. You may also put others’ lives at risk if you share those drugs with others. People are there to help you if you reach out. Seek support from treatment professionals who understand the harm caused by designer drugs and provide the right support for your journey of recovery.

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