What Are Some Signs of Ritalin Addiction?

Ritalin is a drug mostly associated with younger children who have trouble focusing at school. The drug is not only used by young people. It is typically prescribed for treatment of attention deficit disorder (ADD). Young adults in their 20s and 30s are being prescribed Ritalin or are abusing it to some degree. Learn more about why people are abusing Ritalin and how to know the signs of addiction.

Heart Issues

Ritalin often takes a toll on a person’s body when they take too much of it for too long. Like any other drug, it can cause long-term damage if taken unchecked. It may happen before the person realizes it, but it can stem from overuse or even withdrawal symptoms when the person tries to stop using the drug. The body has to adjust to living without the drug in its system so to make sense of it, the body can shut down. Increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure are a few of the symptoms the heart may experience, but a person can run the risk of dying suddenly without seeking help for addiction to Ritalin.

Energy Level

People who overuse Ritalin may do it because it helps them feel like they can focus and get stuff done. It may also cause an energy boost to deal with feelings of fatigue or tiredness. The body gets used to it being in the system so a person will experience the opposite effects of what they are using it for in the first place. Tolerance builds and a person is not able to experience the same effects without more of the drug.

Sleep Complications

When a person stops taking Ritalin, they may experience side effects from withdrawal. Although it may help them concentrate, focus, and sleep better at night, stopping the drug may have the opposite impact on sleep patterns. Ritalin addiction can cause a person to lose sleep in withdrawal as any drug will throw off the body’s sleep cycle somewhat. Chronic use of Ritalin, and abuse, may result in decreased sleep or lack of sleep altogether and insomnia. Everybody responds differently to drugs and withdrawal. The key is to recognize when the signs are affecting a person’s life, work, and relationships. People may begin using the drug because they want to lessen the symptoms of other issues they have, but it grows into addiction eventually. It can lead to a person experiencing chronic health complications, lack of good sleep, and eventually it may take their life. Ritalin addiction can be treated with the right support in a treatment facility. It is best to discuss all the options with a treatment facility, including mental health support. In this way, a person will be able to process their past history of drug and alcohol abuse while navigating recovery in a safe environment with trained professionals for support.

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