What Are Some Tips to Have More Fun in Recovery?

Everyone in recovery from addiction struggles with feelings of loneliness or isolation from time to time. Some even struggle with a feeling that life in recovery is boring and not very fun at all. There are times in life when fun is not on the agenda for many reasons. Mood disorders can also keep a person from feeling motivated to engage in hobbies and activities that bring them joy. Whatever the reason, it can make people feel stuck in a rut. Over time, this can trigger cravings or a sense that relapse is on the horizon. To have more fun in recovery, it helps to have some tools in the toolbox to pull from and shake things up a bit.

Find a Hobby

Whatever hobbies worked in the past, maybe it is time to reassess and look for new ones. Before addiction happened, there were fun hobbies and activities in a person’s life they enjoyed. This could be anything from coin collecting to playing games with friends, woodworking, creative arts, or myriad other things. Getting back into that can bring a sense of purpose, even if it is just for fun. A helpful tip to dive into a new hobby is to find someone to go with that might be interested in trying out the same thing and go have fun exploring together.

Join a Class

Exercise can be a bummer sometimes. It may be hard to get out of bed, get motivated to lace up those shoes, and hit the pavement for a run. It may be hard to look around at all the healthy people and wonder how they get so motivated to work out. It may be time to shake up your routine with a new workout. The benefits of exercising in a group class cannot be ignored. There are bootcamp classes, dance classes, spinning on a bicycle, swim fitness, and other ways to exercise that take the boring straight out of it. Mix it up, try a few things, and find one to stick with for a time to wake your body and mind up to new things. You might also meet some new friends who love being adventurous like you.

Plan a Party

No matter where you live, you can plan a party at your place rather than go to someone else’s party. Sober parties are fun because they give you something to do, a focus, and an intention to host. You can invite sober and non-sober friends but always keep it sober-focused. This means not offering any beverages that may trigger sober friends. Sober parties can include:

  • Healthy food options and some other treats
  • Finger foods to make it easier to cook
  • Do a pot-luck and have people bring stuff
  • Grill out and do picnic-style
  • Have fun, engaging music that keeps people entertained and having fun mingling
  • Have a friend mix some drinks that are sweet and tasty with fresh fruits, herbs, veggies, and other mixes that will be refreshing

The biggest thing that happens to people in recovery who stop having fun is they stop trying to look for new ways to get out of their old rut. It happens before you know it, the old habits come back, the old mindset creeps in. Of course, there are mental health issues as well so if you find yourself struggling with depression and mental health issues that won’t get better, it may be time to reassess medication and lifestyle changes. Spending time with people can also boost mood and make you feel like you are regaining perspective on life in sobriety.

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