What Are Some Ways to Address Substance Abuse at Work?

A lot of executives and professionals at work struggle with substance abuse. It is not always talked about, and it may be hidden, but substance use can have a direct impact on everyone in the office and that person’s personal life. Ultimately, it becomes important to address the issue, but it can be difficult to know how to expose the addiction issue without making it known to others.

Addressing Workplace Drug Use

American society has not really caught up to the idea that substance abuse does not need stigma. There still remains this idea that people can control their drug or alcohol use (if they try) or they just need to get help and should be fine after. They may lack education around how the brain is involved with addiction, as well. Addiction is often considered volitional where people should be punished for their use. This train of thought actually reinforces negative stereotypes. The United States has done a lot to push research into new areas that develop treatments and therapies for people with addiction. This includes workplace protections that require employers to support someone with an addiction, give space for rehab, and not fire them for drug rehab. For executives, there is still a different standard they are held to in that they might need extra support to get help and leave their high-level jobs to seek treatment.

Create Safe Spaces

When executives and professionals feel supported, they are more likely to be motivated to seek help on their own. Creating a safe environment means destigmatizing addiction and substance abuse, talking about fears around the negative consequences, and encouraging help. With the right incentives, people can get the help they need, make changes, and become even better employees, bosses, and executives in the boardroom. Employers can offer this safe space by:

  • Encouraging employees to seek help
  • Have confidential resources available
  • Provide therapeutic intervention to discuss private issues at little to no cost
  • Maintain policies which provide space to seek help in rehab (confidentially) and make sure it is flexible enough to accommodate their jobs

With the right support and implementation, this can have an immediate impact. Punishment never works. What families can do is encourage each other to modify the way they use substances. When executives are seeking help, they need to know they are not alone in the struggle against addiction. Their needs should be above anything else to ensure their health and safety. When they are stronger, their team, company, and business will be stronger, as well. Supporting executives in seeking help for drug abuse is potentially the best decision any company can make and will offer an open door to those who struggle so they feel less alone.

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