What Are the 3 Things That Are Unexpectedly Challenging About Recovery?

Self-help books can be one way to support people in recovery but they are not always a great way to get information about how to deal with recovery. Recovery is challenging and whether you turn to the internet, friends, or books, you will likely need support and help from professionals to move past the barriers keeping you stuck. Don’t believe what you read until you try these tips.

Change is Uncomfortable

Of course it will be uncomfortable, or change would not happen. It is an unknown. It keeps you in the same place, feelings, and state of being for a long time. Addiction comes with predictable chaos, it feels like. When that is comfortable, you get used to it. The change you find is uncomfortable but it is worthwhile. Inside your deepest thoughts you wonder what is next. If you wonder what is next, you will see that it is not scary, but it is uncomfortable to move through feelings, old behaviors, and patterns that held you back so long. We often make bad choices through addiction which can lessen our self-worth or the trust we have in ourselves to make ‘good decisions.’ it is about building back up self-worth to know you can move forward and make a life that is worthwhile and enjoyable. Sobriety is uncomfortable at first, but necessary. Just accept it and move forward.

High Expectations

There is always the assumption that goes with recovery that goes along with feeling you’ve snapped your fingers, made a choice, now watch it all align nicely. It does not happen that way. Lots of pressure is put on ourselves to deal with it in a comfortable way. However, this expectation is not always healthy. Regardless of why you entered, there is always pressure to stay in a relationship you didn’t want. Addiction is sort of like that relationship you never wanted. The hard part is realizing sobriety is not that easy, after all. What a bummer to realize this is true, but it is okay to still set expectations a bit high and set your sights on better things.


Boredom is so challenging in recovery because you are so not used to that way of living. When you live with a five alarm fire going in your life at every turn, boredom seems monotonous and not fun at all. When you become wrapped up in addiction, you lose everything else. When you feel like you want to drink out of boredom or use drugs, call your support team. Let them know you’re struggling. Make new friends, get new hobbies, forget about life for awhile. Get out of humdrum for a bit. Find enjoyment in what you do or find something you enjoy more. Having plenty to do will help your feelings of self-worth and you can explore.

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