What Are the Largest Non-Profit Organizations in Houston?

Non-profit organizations are the beating heart behind numerous charity movements across the world. The money they raise directly supports their community assistance efforts, promoting their message or supporting the people who need it most. 

There are numerous non-profit organizations that support a variety of causes throughout Houston. We have chosen to highlight three of the largest ones. Read on for more information about how these charities are changing the lives of countless Houston citizens. 

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United Way

United Way has existed in Houston for almost a century, providing meaningful support to those most in need. Their approach is not singular. Instead, they focus on getting to the root of the problems holding back individuals and families. They provide citizens with the tools needed to get ahead in life, and this work takes numerous forms.

From working collaboratively to achieve self-sufficiency to helping children reach their full academic potential, United Way creates opportunities. Their view is that change comes about when communities can connect. Their solutions aren’t temporary. They held their service users to achieve long-term results throughout the rest of their lives

For further information on how United Way helps Houston citizens, see their contact information below!

United Way
50 Waugh Drive
Houston, Texas 77007

Volunteer Houston

Volunteer Houston is the central hub for an enormous range of volunteering opportunities throughout the city. They connect aspiring volunteers with numerous organizations, including non-profit organizations, government offices, and schools, among many others. This network supplies the charities involved with the numbers they need to perform their essential work.

As the Houston affiliate for Points of Light, they link up with the largest volunteer service in the world. Their work helps to put millions of people to work for the betterment of their communities. Volunteer Houston serves thirteen separate counties, and their mission is clear: connecting those that wish to help with those that need it most. 

If you are interested in getting involved with volunteer opportunities in Houston, or if you want more information, see their contact details below!

Volunteer Houston
3303 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

Greater Houston Community Foundation

The Greater Houston Community Foundation is committed to making the most out of every donation they receive. Their work is dedicated exclusively to maximizing their charitable impact within the community. 

The charity can take multiple forms depending entirely on the needs of the service users. Their philanthropy goes above and beyond, offering everything from business support to advice on the most appropriate uses for donated land.

Fundamentally, they help to connect donors with the right charities and avenues for their assets. No matter what a donor wishes to share, whether it is a portion of wealth or an asset, the Greater Houston Community Foundation can help. It ensures donations find the right home where they will have the most significant effect. 

If you want more information about this service and the essential work they do, see their contact information below!

Greater Houston Community Foundation
515 Post Oak Blvd.
Suite 1000
Houston, Tx 77027

Find a Non-Profit in Houston Today

These large non-profit organizations fulfill an essential role in supporting communities in need. Find the best one that aligns with your philanthropy, and reach out to one or all of these organizations today!

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