What Are the Most Addictive Prescription Drugs?

When people talk about addiction, they are referring to some drugs that people cannot stop using without help. They are also talking about serious side effects and ramifications of using drugs. One of the most widely used and abused drugs at the moment are opioids. Prescription drugs are used for many reasons, but people are becoming addicted to high rates because of their addictive potential. Alcoholism and other drugs are also addictive, but there are other drugs that can lead to misuse and destroy people’s lives.

Prescription Drugs

Americans consume about 75 percent of the prescription drugs, even though they are only 5 percent of the world’s population. Since these drugs are more accessible and prescribed more often by doctors in America, they are more easily overused. Some people become addicted to their own drugs, but others are likely to become addicted to using the drugs of a family member or friend. Some of the following are just a few of the prescription drugs people can become addicted to:

  • Ambien: a barbiturate prescribed to treat insomnia. They work by suppressing the central nervous system and make a person feel calmer. This drug creates euphoric feelings, which drive the desire for more. Tolerance can build quickly, but also produces life-threatening symptoms of withdrawal when stopped
  • Adderall: a stimulant drug that helps treat ADHD. it may help people who suffer from heat and chronic fatigue, as well. This drug creates a stimulated brain and body, bringing them more energy. They feel they can do more than they might normally, which can help boost performance. Long-term use can lead to depression, headaches, and anxiety
  • Oxycodone: often used to treat people for chronic pain. Effective at pain treatment, with high potential for abuse. Usually prescribed for short-term pain management. It changes the central nervous systems’ perception of pain and may trigger an emotional response. The dopamine in the brain can make people feel pleasant and good, which triggers a feeling to want more
  • Vicodin: an opioid painkiller, it is often used to treat chronic and post-operative pain. This drug contains acetaminophen to help reduce swelling and fever. This drug gives a high and changes the brain’s chemistry to crave more. Long-term use can impair coordination, slow the heart, and cause depression. It is highly addictive and difficult to quit using

The difficulty with prescription drugs is that they can be overused and abused without a person realizing they have become dependent. By the time they are dependent, the body may go through withdrawal when quitting the drug. It may take a professional intervention to help that person go through recovery. The best thing a person can do is seek help for addiction if they struggle to quit on their own.

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