What Do Relationships Have to Do with Addictive Behaviors?

A substance abuse problem can poison everything in a person’s life but the truth can not be understated. A person with addiction needs help in many areas of their lives. Like most facets of addiction, relationships play a cause-and-effect role, and understanding these dynamics is instrumental to controlling the addiction and saving a relationship.

Psychological and Economical Impact

Addiction has many effects on different relationship structures. Children may be forced into uncomfortable or unfamiliar roles to cover for a parent’s substance abuse. Extended family is put through trees as well as humiliation and shame when addiction becomes known to others. The consequences of substance abuse fall into psychological and economical categories. A partner may be on the receiving end of the issues you face including emotional neglect or physical abuse.

Behavior Reinforces Addiction

A substance abuse problem creeps up and sneaks its way into your life. It changes the way you think and perceive the world around you. This affects the dynamics of a relationship with a partner. They may become less of a companion and more a tool to further addiction. Behavior reinforces addiction. Everything you do, whether or not you are aware, is to keep the fires going and keep addiction moving forward at all costs. Excessive consumption of drugs can cause sexual dysfunction, creating a space where you become prone to abusing drugs under the belief doing them will compensate for decreased functioning. Many other issues can persist, but the biggest one is that continuing the drugs will help solve the problem when, in fact, it is the problem.

Love and Drugs

One of the problems of substance abuse in a relationship is that even if a person with addiction loves her partner, a drug addiction will make her love the drug more. The stark reality of addiction is that it takes a toll on relationships. Healthy relationships may not happen overnight. You need to fight to regain them when you are addicted. If you suspect a person with substance abuse problems is in your life or that you are struggling, you can find help with treatment professionals who understand addiction and treatment. Counseling can repair the damage done but it may never heal for some people. It’s okay to accept that some relationships may not heal fully so long as you are able to find ways of reconciling with those who are able and willing throughout your journey of recovery.

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